10 entertaining Google Home commands you should try

By Sujay Hegde

    The IoT era has marked its stance by introducing smart speakers. These are best recognized as devices that enable data transfer between various household objects, and may appropriately be used for such tasks.

    10 entertaining Google Home commands you should try


    However, smart speakers such as Google Home, Amazon Echo, and the Apple HomePod have a good sense of fun and humour packed into them. Read on to know about some entertaining Google Home commands that’ll leave you mentally refreshed.


    1) Mystery Sounds:

    The speaker plays a certain sound and you'll have to match it with the source, eg: A creature or an object. The game rapidly becomes difficult as you progress and there are extra points if you answer quickly. Activate this by saying "Hey Google, let's play Mystery Sounds." A multiplayer version of this game is called Ding Dong Coconut.

    2) The Pilgrim and the Guardian:

    A puzzle based game that lets you journey into a forest which conceals a temple at the end. You can choose to reach the temple as a pilgrim, or become a guardian and unlock doors with a password.

    3) Mad Libs:

    The evergreen game of words finds its way into Google Home. Say "Play Mad Libs," and give a bunch of random words - parts of the body, verbs, adjectives, etc. After the input, Home will stitch them into hilarious Mad Libs.

    4) No idea what to play?

    If you haven't got any idea, just give the command "Let's play a game," and Google will provide an endless list of games to choose from.



    1) Ambience:

    Some apps assist you in relaxing by streaming ambient sound such as rain, waterfall or thunder. Say "Hey, Google, help me relax," and that does the trick.

    2) Music Ear Trainer:

    Intervals and triads are a crucial skill for any musician. Out loud, say "Talk to Music Ear Trainer" to activate.

    3) No idea:

    If you don't know what music you want to listen to, then ask Google to "drop a beat" or "sing a song". Await hilarious responses.


    1) Virtual doctor:

    Google can't replace your family physician, but it's useful in answering your medical queries. A feature called The Virtual Nurse informs you about ailments, medication, and general first aid. Just ask "How do you perform CPR?" or any other query you have. Say "Talk to Virtual Nurse" first.

    2) The Book Fairy:

    On a lonely night, or during a sleepover, you can ask Google Home to read you stories. To activate, say "Talk to the book fairy."

    3) The sentimental friend:

    At times, when there's no friend to talk to or share your problems with, saying "talk to the sentimental friend" brings up a persona of Google Home that listens to your woes and offers insight and motivation.

    An additional tip would be to try asking follow-up questions. Google Home is especially noted for that ability. Hope you'll soon get to try these out!

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