10 Google Chrome flags you must enable right now

Let’s take a look at some of the Google flags that can be tweaked to get a faster, more enjoyable and useful experience on Chrome.

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Google Chrome is the most popular browser and you can improve it further. If you know how to use Google Chrome, you might understand some of its best-hidden options. Many of these options are hidden in the Flags menu. If you want to access the backdoor list of the new and hidden options, Chrome has a list of experimental features that can be accessed by entering chrome://flags in the search bar.

10 Google Chrome flags you must enable right now

Google can change or remove these Chrome flags at any time. In some cases, these flags can get stable releases. Make sure you check for the Chrome browser updates. Let’s take a look at some of these flags that can be tweaked to get a faster, more enjoyable and more useful experience.

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Page Titles with Suggestions

Typing #omnibox-ui-vertical-layout will show you page suggestions from your history. This flag will also show the page titles in the suggestions.

Tab Discarding

Enabling #automatic-tab-discarding this flag will make Chrome disable tabs those are not used in a while. These will stay at the top and will reload whenever you click them. chrome://discards will let you see details about tab discarding.

Quickly Mute Tabs

#enable-tab-audio-muting will let you mute the tab by clicking on the speaker icon on it.

Generate Passwords Automatically

#enable-password-generation will make sure you sign into your Google account so that Chrome will generate passwords on the account creation pages. These passwords will be automatically synced to your Google account. #enable-manual-password-generation will add a Generate password link to the menu.

Stop Hijacking Navigation

Enable #enable-history-entry-requires-user-gesture flag and websites will not be permitted to write additional entries into your history till you interact with the page.

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Prevent Pages from Jumping

The #enable-scroll-anchoring flag will keep your position whenever new content loads. The result will be less disruptive.

Extra Warning About Insecure Sites

Enable #mark-non-secure-as flag can be set to the most sensitive setting and you can mark HTTP as highly dangerous so that Chrome will show the No Secure text in red.

Enable HDR

#enable-hdr flat can be enabled if you own an HDR monitor so that Chrome supports HDR content.

Show Cached Websites

Enable the #show-saved-copy flag and set it to Enable: Primary to see a new Show saved copy button. This will let you see the website as it was saved until you clear it.

Credit Card Usage

The #enable-autofill-credit-card-last-used-date-display flag will show you the last date when your credit card was used. This will help you find out if someone else used your card without your knowledge.

There are additional flags like #enable-picture-in-picture for Picture-in-Picture mode, #smooth-scrolling for Smooth Scrolling and more.

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