These 10 Little-known tips about Browsing will help you use Internet like a Pro

By Abhinaya Prabhu

    The internet browsers are used by us almost every day as the same provides access to the internet and the wonderful stuff it has to offer. As you use the browser a lot, there is no denying that you might want to use the browser like a pro.

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    These 10 Little-known tips about Browsing will make you a Pro

    However, not all become browser-using masters. There is a slew of tricks and knacks to use the browsers to the maximum potential. Here, we have come up with ten handy browser tricks to help you use the internet just like a pro.

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    You might have closed a tab by mistake, especially if you have lots of them open. You might have to navigate to the history of the browser and search the site that you were on. But, this is not needed as you can navigate to the Recently Closed Tabs list and restore the closed tab easily. Most browsers have this facility nowadays. You can also do the same by Ctrl+Shift+T to see the tap reappear magically.


    Cache means the temporary storage of web pages and images. It reduces the usage of bandwidth, lag, and server load. The websites can be loaded right from the cache until certain conditions are met. In some cases, the cache can be corrupted. In such cases, you delete the cache and reload the version by hitting Ctrl+Shift+R.


    If one of your favorite websites has gone offline for some reason you can try pasting the link of the site into You can find a list of cached versions of the websites over here.


    Keyboard shortcuts are very convenient than using a mouse. We know the commonly used ones such as cut, copy, and paste, but there is a great one to add to the list. Ctrl+L will automatically select and highlight the URL of the current website. It is useful for quickly sharing the links or copying the same on a new tab.


    If you enter text into the search box of your browser and hit Enter, the search results will present the service that you are looking for. You can save a few keystrokes by entering Ctrl+Enter if you know the website's URL. This shorcut will wrap the entered text with www. and .com.


    One of the most common keyboard shortcuts used on Windows is ALT+Tab. It will help you flick between several programs that are open. Even browsers have a similar function to cycle between the open tabs. Well, Ctrl+Tab will move you a tab to the right and Ctrl+Shift+Tab will move you to a tab to the left. On Firefox and Chrome, you can use Ctrl+1-8 to jump to the respective tab as per the order of the tabs on the browser.


    The widely popular online bulletin board, Reddit has sub-reddits that are dedicated to almost any topic that you can think of. If you are browsing a picture-based sub-reddice, add a P after Reddit in the URL and it will take you to the one that you are looking for. The pictures in the sub-reddit will be displayed in a slideshow format and there are settings letting you tweak the speed at which the pictures will change.


    If you are looking for an image on your computer and you do not know where it is located, you can get it from the reverse image search of Google. Go to Google Images and either click on the camera icon that is in the search bar or drag and drop the image from the computer.


    If you don't have a pen or paper handy, you can save the code 'data:text/html, ' as a bookmark to use the browser's window as a notepad on-the-go.


    Google recently got rid of the NCR or No Country Redirect feature. This way, you can search the U.S. version of Google without being redirected to your country's Google version.

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