10 tech myths you shouldn't believe

Posted By: Vaishali Parnami

Imagine your room is probably filled with multiple gadgets, and the morning rituals also involve gadgets. However, even after all this, the fact is, most of us are still unaware of what and how these gadgets are made. As a result, we start believing every common myth about gadgets such as not charging the battery overnight or more bars of network indicates a better connection.

10 tech myths you shouldn't believe

Most of these beliefs about gadgets are only myths that we have been following for years. The truth is out there and today we are going to find out which of these gadget beliefs are not true.

More bars don’t mean enhanced signal

Network bars are the proximity to the nearest cellular tower and it does not have anything to do with the signal quality.

Megapixels don’t indicate picture quality

Our pictures are an ensemble of small dots known as pixel. It is obvious to assume that higher megapixels can lead to better pictures, but, in reality, it could also lead to a messy photo with more pixels. What is more important than this is a camera lens, picture size, hardware for image processing, light sensor, and the software used to bind all of it together.

Overnight charging is not that harmful

Charging your battery overnight is not that harmful now as your gadget is smart enough to stop charging once the battery is full.

Incognito doesn’t promote anonymity

Incognito disables history tracking, and it does not in any sense means incognito can make you anonymous to websites. Your identity and ISP (Internet Service Provider) are not hidden in incognito or private browsing mode.

Octa-core doesn’t mean high performance

Different cores generally indicate the number of processors your gadget's tasks are divided into. And quad-core delivers high performance only when the application you are accessing is built to support octa-core.

Internet is not a synonym of WWW

While the internet is commonly known as ‘Network of networks', WWW is where you access information on the internet.

Macs are not immune to virus attacks

No gadget is immune to virus attacks, and the reason we feel that way for Mac products is because they are less in number.

Full-HD doesn’t have degraded quality than quad-HD

Full-HD means 1920 x 1080 pixels and quad-HD is 2560 x 1440 pixels, and the human eye is unable to distinguish beyond 326 pixel/inch. So, it really doesn't make a huge difference whether you buy full-HD or quad-HD.

Leaving your phone in heated or cold areas is not a good idea

Every smartphone and for that matter gadget is delicate, and if you expose it to severe heat or cold, you can do irreplaceable damage to your device.

Original charger is better than any charger

It is okay to use other chargers but only if they are genuine. Other products can lure you with low price but can do serious damage to your battery.

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