10 ways to protect your Gmail account

Always secure your Gmail account using 2-way authentication

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Gmail is a free mailing service, an app by Google. It is the most secured, fastest and widely used app in the mailing world. It is not only used for mailing purpose but also to connect with other accounts such as PayPal, Paytm, registration for any website and more. But today, many companies mail you, through which they get permission to check your mail and other personal things. Not only companies but also hackers are also on the rise. Keeping your Gmail account safe and secured by following these 10 ways is actually simple.

10 ways to protect your Gmail account


10 ways to protect your Gmail account

1. Google 2 step verification: The safest and secured process in Gmail is two-step verification. Login with one-time code is sent to the user to a secondary device. The secondary device can be anything like your mobile, laptop or any other. To access your account, the hacker must first know your one-time code.

2. Stay away from phishing or spam folders: This is one of the easiest ways for hackers to hack your account. Anyone can send you mail by modifying the from address. Some of the best examples of evil-intentioned mail are

• Your account is hacked

• You won a lottery

• Click to win big prizes

So never click or fall to any suspicious emails or links.

3. Password: Your password is your lifeline to your account. Sharing your password can ruin not only your account but also you, as your Gmail may be connected to your bank or personal account.

4. Use difficult passwords: Have a unique password with numbers, alphabets and signs included. Never use a common password. Include $, *, # or any other signs, making it as difficult as possible.

5. Keep track of your Gmail account: To track your account, log in, scroll down and click on the details. It will show your activities and IP address. By this way, you will know when, where and how your account was used.


6. Gmail security alerts: Gmail always asks your account to be updated. The updated version may be more secured or somewhere your account must have been tried to open or hacked. So never ignore the alerts messages.

7. Always sign out: There is always a reason to have the sign out button in the browser window. Anyone can do anything if your account is open. It is best to hit the sign out button instead of letting someone hitting you badly thereafter.

8. Ugly email: Ugly email lets you know about your mail tracking. To activate this

• Search ugly email in Google Chrome

• Click add to chrome once it opens

• Ugly email will be added in the right corner

• Next time you open your mail, you will see the sign of evil eye. The sign means your mail has been tracked.

9. Account recovery: Since the Google sends you security code for your account recovery to your phone number or another associated mail id, an updated account recovery may save you from future problems.

10.Incognito: Never use your account in public place. If it is urgent, you can use incognito or private mode. This helps to save your data from getting hacked. But if there are no such options available, delete all the options from the search history and log out.

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