11 Google Docs features that you probably didn't know

Did you know these features?

    Most of you may love Google Docs as the service is available for free on the web and it is quite robust. Though you already use the service day in and day out, you may not know that there is an array of features that hide underneath the menu options. It won't be an exaggeration to say that some of these features of Google Docs do not exist in the other such services.

    11 Google Docs features that you probably didn't know

    Google Docs has a ton of add-ons that extend the functionality. However, we are focused on the inbuilt functionality over here. The app is a huge one that has many menu options and features to explore. If you love a specific feature on Docs, it doesn't mean that everyone knows about the same.

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    Here we have listed some hidden features of Google Docs that you probably don't know about. Take a look at these features from below.


    There are well-designed templates on Google Docs. You can use the template gallery on the Google Docs homepage for any purpose such as writing your resume, crafting a business letter, drafting a project proposal, formalizing meeting notes or designing a brochure. There are templates for almost all needs, and under each category, there are multiple template choices as well.

    Clear Formatting

    On copy pasting text from another location to Google Docs, you might have faced issues related to formatting. Instead of editing the pasted text manually, you can use the Clear Formatting option. To do so, you need to highlight the pasted text in a different format and navigate to Format → Clear Formatting in the toolbar. That's it. The offending text will appear in line with the rest of the content in the document.

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    Research/Explore Tool

    If you are writing in Google Docs and you are in need of online research, then the research tool will definitely be a boon. It lets you research and refer to details and images online without having to leave the document. Eventually, there is no need to switch between the tabs. You can access this feature from Tools → Research/Explore. Then right click on a word and choose Research or Explore.


    These are easy and quick things to add to the documents, but not many people use the feature. To add a footnote to your document, all you need to do is just place the cursor in that specific part of the document where you want the footnote to be inserted. Then navigate to Insert → Footnote and type the footnote. Once you are done, just click on the document to save the note.

    Suggesting Mode

    Google Docs has the ability to suggest changes that you can make to your document without making the changes automatically. It works similar to Comments in Microsoft Word. To enable the Suggesting mode, you need to switch from the Editing mode to this one by clicking on the pencil icon at the top right corner of the document. Once the Suggesting mode is enabled, anything that you type, delete or change will be displayed in colored marks along with details on the right.

    Revision History

    With Google Docs, you can get to see the changes made by you and others to the documents. The Revision History also lets you go to back to the earlier version of the document. To get the revision history, you need to go to File → View Revision History. The panel on the right will show the changes along with the time and user who changed it.

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    Voice Typing

    If you are using Google Chrome and have a microphone that functions properly, you can type in Google Docs using your voice. You can add punctuation marks by voicing out the name such as "comma", "question mark", etc. You can start a new paragraph by saying "new paragraph". To start voice typing, click on Tools → Voice Typing and start talking. It is as simple as that.


    If you have have a document shared with many people and want to leave a message along with your changes, you can leave a comment in the document itself. The comments on Google Docs can be used as a conversation thread as you can reply to the comments and carry on a detailed conversation over there. Also, you can close the thread once you are done. The comments can be edited or deleted whenever you want to.

    Create Custom Shortcuts

    Google Docs already has many shortcuts that are useful, but you can create your own custom shortcuts as well. To do so, you need to go to Tools → Preferences → Automatic Substition.

    Image Editing

    Did you know that you can edit images within Google Docs. Well, you need to first insert an image and then edit it using the toolbar at the top. You can crop the images, mask them, add borders, and more within the platform.


    What if you want to know the meaning of a word that you have written on Google Docs. Well, you can get this with the inbuilt dictionary in the platform. Just right click on the specific word and choose Define to get the Research tool that will look up for that word on the internet from within the document.

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