21 shocking and amazing facts you should know about YouTube

    YouTube is the only web page on the planet right now that we enjoy visiting so much. We watch movies, catch the latest trailers, entertainment news, amazing reviews and first hands on of gadgets from around the world. The repository of videos on the Google's video service is huge and so is the traffic.

    But what do you know about YouTube in the 11 years that it has been on the internet? Here are 21 facts you did not know about the most used video hosting service on the planet.


    Being the only the video service everybody has access to, YouTube gets 400 hours of video content per minute. According to a study, this number may have also increased to 500 hours per minute. Imagine the nightmare it would be to try and watch every video that was being uploaded publicly.


    One-third of the entire human population that has access to the internet is a definite viewer of YouTube videos. That shows the diversity of the content on the library of videos that the service has.


    This cute little baby stole the limelight on YouTube with his most powerful performance of biting his brother's finger. This video is still among those that are great to look at again and again. Another great video is the child who really does want to get married to her friend.

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    So when people do watch videos on YouTube, it's always from their portable device. Many of us spend hours on end in our bed chatting away with friends, and we receive a lot of video links right from Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.


    So mobile users use a lot of time watching videos on YouTube videos. But how much time? According to YouTube's announcement, every user spends an average of 40 minutes and more. They may be watching their favorite movies, or following a tech post, or catching up on entertainment news.


    How did the concept of YouTube begin? Back in 2004, YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim wondered why it was not possible to watch the footage of Janet Jackson's performance at the Super Bowl (an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction to be precise). Thus began the idea of having access to millions of video footage across the world.


    We all love the classic Snake game that Nokia gave on every handset that they made. And YouTube has just provided it to those who really have slow speeds. Try it out!


    YouTube is a famous portal that is now famous a lot among a specific age group. The viewers now range from ages 18 to 49 who now watch more of the content online than on a cable TV.


    Adele, the most famous singing sensation, got 100 million viewers for her hit single in just 5 days, hitting the first half marker in just 48 hours. Psy's "Gentleman" had also hit the same 100 million views in just 4 days.

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    Excluding the general topics that are being searched for 'movies' or 'music video', YouTube visitors spent a lot of searches on topics like Minecraft, Frozen, Drake, Beyonce, PewDiePie, Happy and Eminem. A large amount of traffic from worldwide users revolved around Minecraft taking up almost 75% of search trends.


    Believe it or not, 80% of the viewership of YouTube videos are not even from the US. Thanks to the local languages available for YouTube users, many in our country has found this advantageous to use.


    There is no need to tell you that Gangnam Style is currently the most watched video with almost 2.5 billion views. Go ahead and watch again.

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    So many views can a video get the max? When Gangnam Style went live, it was close to hitting the 2,147,483,647 play count. And that was the original play limit that YouTube had. The coders then hurried to bring a bigger number before viewers started getting upset. The final play count for any video right now is 9,223,372,036,854,775,808. Just stare at this number, as it really is difficult to count.


    In terms of the users who are active on YouTube, it seems to be behind Facebook by large numbers. While 77% use the social network, only 63% actually upload and take their videos live.


    This may be hard to believe, but YouTube was first a dating site. You could see many profiles and decide if they were 'hot' or 'not'. But the concept did not work well, and things changed for the better.


    FunToyzCollector, a YouTube channel owner has been live for years. Yet no one knows the real identity. So what is content? Disney, Barbie and Play-Doh toys. This is definitely YouTube for Kids, as many of these videos are unboxing of cooking playsets and doll houses.


    According to a study, almost all of the traffic at YouTube revolve around just 30% of the videos that are actually available on the website. That may be because many of the videos happen to be private ones to be shared with friends and family.

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    Back when YouTube was getting its own personal URL, things got bad when Universal Tube and Rollform Equipment served a lawsuit against them. Many of the visitors ended up at the website of the manufacturing company as held a similar domain (utube.com). The two parties reached a settlement, with manufacturer changing their URL too.


    The very first video that was uploaded to YouTube was co-founder Jawed Karim spending time at the zoo. The video was uploaded on 23rd April 2005.


    YouTube has many videos you can search from. But did you know that there are cat videos that account for 45% of all videos? It really is true. Many users upload videos with their pets, especially cats Cute, but weird.

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    The founders of YouTube, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim were all previous employees of PayPal, the online payment system. From handling a lot of money transfers, they started making more money through their venture.


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