5 Best browsers for Windows PC

Check Out These 5 Best Browsers For Your Windows PC

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These days the list of web browsers grows as the day passes by. The core aim of these browsers is to provide best Internet experience to the users along with other tools that can be used in day-to-day life. In Windows PC, the default browser is none other than Internet Explorer, which is now changed as Microsoft Edge.

5 Best browsers for Windows PC

As per the company claims, the Microsoft Edge is much faster and consumes less battery than its counterpart Google Chrome. If you wish to use Edge, you can move ahead otherwise, there is always an option to change it. We have listed top 5 browsers that you can choose if you don't like Microsoft Edge.

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Google Chrome

This is one of the best browser available till date. It comes with a clean interface and has lots of extensions as well to help you get throughout the day. In addition, there is support for parental controls and settings to ensure maximum efficiency.

However, this is one of the heaviest browsers with worst RAM management. If at all you need extra tools and efficiency and doesn't care battery and RAM, you can go ahead with this. On the whole Google Chrome is famous for its features including security, usability, privacy and after-sign-in features.


Mozilla FireFox

This one runs as fast Chrome with more configuration and much-improved tab's management. It uses less memory than Chrome, but keeping more tabs can literally slow down the system requiring a system restart.

In terms of security and privacy, firefox comes first along with perks of being an open-source solution, with a wide range of support, growing collection of plug-ins and much more. Moreover, developers prefer Firefox as it has developer-oriented tools like Error Console and Firebug.


Microsoft Edge

This is the default browser for Windows 10 by Microsoft. It is comparatively fast than its predecessors and battery efficient as well.

This one is hard to avoid as it comes integrated with Cortana, which is Microsoft's personal assistant. However, it lags behind Chrome and Firefox as it is short of extensions. As a Microsoft product, it will perform well on Windows 10 PC or Tablet PC.

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This is one of the most minimalistic browsers we've seen. Till now, it makes up only around 1% of the browser market. This browser is fast and has a Opera Turbo feature, which compresses your web traffic, giving a huge difference to browsing speed. With Opera, you can keep your bookmarks and other data synced between various devices.


This was created by Opera's co-founder and former CEO Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner and Tatsuki Tomita. it was launched last year and allow users to synchronize their bookmarks, history, passwords and settings across different devices just like Opera. This browser focuses more on quality and user experience.

It doesn't have lots of extensions or technologies, but it feels to good to use it. It can adapt its color scheme to the sites you're using. Vivaldi supports hibernation for both individual tabs and for tab stacks, freeing resources while the user does not actively use those tabs.


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