5 Clever YouTube Hacks That’ll Take Your Video Watching Experience to Next Level

While we may use YouTube extensively on a daily basis, there are a few tricks many of us are unaware of. This article will throw light on 5 such features. Take a look at them below.

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It's very hard to deny the fact that YouTube has become an indispensable part of our lives. Movies, music, trailers, live videos, parodies you name it and you'll find all of them on YouTube.

5 Clever YouTube Hacks That’ll Improve Your Video Watching Experience

What's more? It's very simple, works so effortlessly, and also allows us to share content on other social media networks with just a few clicks. Having said that, there are a few tricks that YouTube has got up its sleeves no one told you about. Here are such tricks and tips, check them out below.

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5 Clever YouTube Hacks That’ll Improve Your Video Watching Experience

Get the Video URL at current time

Not everyone wants to watch a full video just for that single portion of it which keeps them hooked. For this reason, YouTube allows you to share the URL of the videos right from where you have paused, so that, the person you share the video with won't have to watch it from the beginning.

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All you have to do is to pause the video at that point where you want your friend to start from, right click, and select "Get video URL at current time" and then copy the new link displayed on your screen.

Stay updated with popular videos

YouTube can be a great source to find out popular videos such as the recently released popular videos, music videos, latest trailers, and more. Just visit Popular on YouTube to find out all the recently released video content and stay up to date.

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5 Clever YouTube Hacks That’ll Improve Your Video Watching Experience

Refine your search results

At times, you may not get the exact search results you were looking for, make use of filters to refine your search and get specific results.

5 Clever YouTube Hacks That’ll Improve Your Video Watching Experience

Bypass restrictions

Some videos on YouTube may have restrictions that prevent them from playing in specific regions or devices. You can simply bypass these restrictions by changing the URL.

To do this, simply copy the id from the URL, erase everything after the .com, add 'v/' followed by the id you copied earlier that's it.

For example, if this is the original link "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ny3hScFgCIQ" it should look something like "https://www.youtube.com/v/ny3hScFgCIQ"

Set default video quality

You don't have to change the video quality every time you intend to see a video. You can simply set a default video quality by heading straight to YouTube settings located at the top right corner of the screen. From there click on account settings, select playback, and then check "always choose the best quality for connection and player size'" button.

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