Here are 5 myths about Incognito mode that you got wrong

    Every major browser now has an incognito mode, and people take this feature into perfect use at either internet cafes or at your own home to avoid that screening process from your parents. But in spite of all the awareness about the usage of Incognito mode, there are many who still have misunderstandings about the feature.

    Here are 5 main things you need to understand about the incognito mode.

    5 myths about Incognito mode that you got wrong

    Not anonymous

    You're not invisible on the internet. It does not make you feel like a ninja, secretly browsing web pages and no one would know. Going incognito only means that your browsing session is not stored on your local drive. Anybody else who is monitoring your internet service can still see your session.

    5 myths about Incognito mode that you got wrong

    Downloads stay

    In Incognito mode, any file you download or save to your local drive stays there. It does not disappear once you're out of the Incognito mode.

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    5 myths about Incognito mode that you got wrong

    They're watching you

    Incognito means hidden, but it does not mean completely hidden. Corporates have a surveillance team that can still access your browsing sessions and the URLs you visited. You can hide the information from being stored, but not from being monitored.

    5 myths about Incognito mode that you got wrong

    Glitches are not safe

    Any glitches in the Incognito mode or InPrivate browsing can still be considered as an example that your session is still not safe. Many of these glitches could still cause your session to be open to spying.

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    5 myths about Incognito mode that you got wrong

    When is it safe?

    So it begs the question of when is incognito mode actually the best time to use? To a person who is using an internet cafe for dealing with transactions which include your sensitive information, you can use it only for a couple of minutes. If you're on a system that does not belong to you, it is always advisable to go incognito, browse for a duration and then always clear the cache to be on the safe side.


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