5 online jobs to help you earn quick money

Posted By: Sujay Hegde

We certainly feel a collector’s need when it comes to money. Making money online is the current climb of trends, but if you start out with a blog, the statistics might jar you. The heap of failed blogs is above 90%, and most blogs can’t function as businesses. As such, a blog is just a support for the product you want to promote.

5 online jobs to help you earn quick money

But if building a product steers you in an uncomfortable direction, there are some interesting ways you could make extra money without breaking a sweat. If you’re in college and wish to use your free hours making money, these websites offer a simple and quick way. This article lists five of those money-making sweet spots that can provide you with some extra cash.

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Amazon Mechanical Turk

Also called Amazon Mturk. This portal is a marketplace for getting smaller tasks done that requires human efficiency. Ranging from taking a survey, visiting a website, to writing an article, translating a script and video transcribing (converting video to text). These jobs can be completed snappily and you can earn quick money. Be sure to check if your country belongs to their list of allowed nations.


A risk-free source of income that requires a creative twist. If you can think of creative and quirky domain names, then PickyDomains.com will better suit you. The website lists the orders and you can go through them and select what appeals to you. You can earn from anywhere between $20 to $50. This happens once your domain name has been accepted.


This one is similar to Amazon Mturk but differs in scope. You can finish micro tasks such as filling a form, commenting on a post, signing up and earn a quick buck.


Deriving from the Sanskrit word for 'Writer,' it's a platform aimed at writers, translators who get paid on an article basis. If writing is your forte, register at Lekhaka. The assignments range from a variety of topics in various languages and create quality content.

My Cloud Home: Unboxing and Set Up


A huge portal where one can sell anything. Be it singing songs, designs, copywriting, content creation. It's a unique place that stands out due to the multitude of jobs available. Some are entertaining, such as drawing pictures of cats, creating a jingle, video editing.

So go ahead and get on your with your first gig. There are plenty of other sites offering you more challenging ones, but that's for a later time.

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