5 Reasons you should not use your phone in the Bed

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The phone is one thing several people check in the morning. There are several health-related studies which show the effects of using smartphones in bed. These studies show the effects that Smartphones can have on our health - both physical and psychological.

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Here are five reasons why you should not use your smartphones in the Bed:

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It can hurt your eyes


Are you using your phone while in bed in the dark. It could hurt your eyes. Research has proved that you can use your phone in bed under ideal lighting conditions and in the correct posture.

It disturbs your sleep


If you go to "Sleep with your Phone" you might disturb your sleep. Ideally, person requires 8-10 hours of sleep. Devoting more time to your phone than to your sleep could lead to serious health problems.

You could Gain Weight


Are you too heavy? You can blame it on your phone. Watching too many Videos and texting overtime have made your really fat. When you go to Sleep, just keep your phone aside and not on your bed.

You lose Focus


People who have the habit of staring too much at their smartphones before sleeping tend to have attentions problems and can have tough time and display a low attention span.

You become Dumb and Stupid


Its true that our phones have become smarter than us.



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