5 Reasons Your Internet Connection Is Slower at Night

    If there's anything we can agree unanimously in the current era, it's the slow internet connection. It's the most painful of all. Especially, during the night time, when we just want to stream a Tv show or listen to music for a while after a busy day at work.

    5 Reasons Your Internet Connection Is Slower at Night

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    There are numerous reasons for this to happen. There may be issues at the Internet Service Provider's (ISP) end or there could be issues at your end as well. Here's a list of such cases and simple fixes to them.

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    Congestion, the Usual culprit

    You'll probably face this issue if you are on a shared internet connection. Usually, people get some free time in the evening or during the night. And for obvious reasons, people start using internet leading to congestion, which in turn leads to slow internet speeds.

    You cannot do much if this is the case, simply shift to another network which is comparatively less dense.

    Change in weather (satellite connection)

    If you are using a satellite connection instead of a cable connection, you are more likely to face issues with changes in weather. These changes in weather conditions at the receiver antenna lead to signal interference and hence poor internet speeds.

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    Change the location of your Router

    While most of us don't give prominence to the location of the wireless router, placing it at correct positions can boost the signal strength to a good extent. So, make sure it's located close to your computer. Also, the router signals have an easier time travelling down and thus they should be placed at an elevated point from the ground. Do make a note that electronic and other metal objects shouldn't be placed closer to the router since they can lead to interference in signals.

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    Update your Router

    It's obvious that with time, the number of devices we use also increases. At times, when multiple devices are connected to the router, it may not be able to handle it. Also, it may not be able to accommodate high internet speeds which are beyond its capability. So, get yourselves a new router.

    Browser extensions

    Despite the fact that browser extensions or add-ons improve the overall surfing experience, it also has the potential to degrade your browsing speed. Try to disable all the unnecessary extensions to enjoy a better speed.

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