5 things you can do with Google Earth

List of things you can do with Google Earth

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Recently, Google has redesigned its Earth application both on Android and the web, where it lets the user see 3D maps of the selected locations, learn about random places around the world, and take guided tours.

5 things you can do with Google Earth

These tours are interactive and are led by scientists, documentarians, and other experts, helping us learning about the world. So, today, we have compiled a list of 5 that you can do on Google Earth.

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Feeling lucky

Just like Google, this Earth application also has one. When you click, it will take you to some random location from opera houses in Italy to hot springs in Japan, before showing you a "knowledge card" of interesting facts. While you are at the location, you can check out the places in 3D on your web browser or mobile.

Aircraft in flight

In here, we can also try to capture the image of the plane flying mid-air as well. Google made it more interesting by the fact that every time it updates the satellite image of the planes in different places.

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Take a tour

One of the most useful ways to use Google Earth is to take a tour around the world. With audio tour guides and fly-through routes, you can experience the seven wonders of the world all from your chair at home.

Beyond Earth

Once you are done with earth, you can also opt for universe simulation programs like Space Engine, where it lets you fly freely around the night sky to trace constellations, learn about exoplanets, and much more.

Flight simulation

If you are bored, you can take up the flight simulator, scan the world and cruise down the coast. You'll get your pick of an SR22 hobbyist plane, or if you're feeling fancy the F22 is available for pilots too.

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