7 Best Google Chrome extensions

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    If we say Google Chrome is the most used browser across all the platforms, that would be stating the obvious. But, has it ever occurred to you that what makes it one of the "most used browsers?" Well, it has one of the cleanest interfaces, it's easy-to-use, highly responsive, fast, and of course, made by Google, right?

    7 Best Google Chrome extensions

    Yes, precisely! But, there's one more thing, the availability of tons of extensions! Often, most of the people ignore or are unaware that something called extensions even exists. If you are one of those folks, then you should definitely check out these extensions for an improved Chrome experience.

    Google Keep

    Be it for taking notes or creating to-do lists while you are surfing the internet; Google Keep is a must have extension. It's fast and light-weight at the same time. Moreover, it also allows you to save the entire pages or parts of it, certain images or text from a page, for instance.

    Data Saver

    Surfing the internet is something that we do day-in-and-day-out. In the process, we often run out of the bandwidth in the first couple of weeks (or even earlier) of our data plan.

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    That's definitely a problem in countries like India since data comes at a price here. So, you may want to save some bandwidth. And if that's the case, you should be looking at the Data Saver extension for Google Chrome which compresses the website data before it's being displayed on the screen.

    Adblock Plus

    Most of you may already know what Adblock does. But, for the unaware, it's a Google Chrome extension which gets rid of those annoying ads and pop-ups which clutter your web page. However, do make a note that there are some ads which don't hamper your web-browsing experience and you'll still be able to see them.


    Privacy is one thing that every individual seeks while surfing the internet. And if you ever feel that a particular website is tracking your online activities or leaving cookies on your PC/Laptop, add the Click&Clean extension to your Chrome Browser. This extension helps you delete URLs, get rid of caches and cookies, delete all the history with the click of a single button.

    HTTPS Everywhere

    This is another extension related to the privacy and security concerns of your online activity. Installing the HTTPS Everywhere extension on your Google Chrome will encrypt your web-usage to HTTPS (whenever there's a chance) thereby protecting your private information.

    Magic Actions for YouTube

    This extension has lots of tricks under its sleeves. The Magic Actions for YouTube allows you to block ads and experience auto HD videos. There's also a cinema mode which improves your video watching experience.

    Black Menu

    If you rely on Google's suite of apps to a large extent, you should definitely consider adding the Black Menu extension. It offers a one-click access to Google's most used services like Google Search, Google Maps, YouTube, Gmail, News, Drive, Calendar, and much more.


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