7 Easy Ways of Bypassing Parental Filters That You Probably Didn’t Know

    Technology is an ever-expanding field and the newer generations are the best at operating technological products. Kids of today have a much wider knowledge of the internet than kids of the last millennium.

    The internet was a world of learning earlier, but has since transformed into a place where almost all of your daily work takes place. From payments to jobs to games, the Internet has got you covered.

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    With the amount of danger on the internet, security features and safety measures are on the rise, but if you thought installing a tracking software was enough to track your child's browsing habits, think again. Here are the top 7 easy tricks by which your kid can bypass your security features.


    So you thought tracking and blocking certain IP addresses and website domains was good enough? Think again, there are several proxy sites on the internet, like HideMyAss and Hide.me, that can easily help disguise your IP and modify it in order to bypass security firewall.


    Setting a password seems like a fairly decent option to secure sensitive software from your kids. Accessing them is quite easy though. The first method is by simply changing the password. If the child knows the password or can guess it, he can alter it. Also, there are several brute force techniques to change the password.


    With dozens of SSID WiFi networks floating around in an average neighborhood, access can be gained if the network security on these is lacking. You child can hack into one of these networks and access the sites that you blocked for them.


    The bigger brother of proxy sites, VPNs or Virtual Private Networks are special websites that help you hide your IP address and let you access any website in the world, even if it has been blocked at your home or in your city. Free as well as paid options exist for VPNs on the internet.

    If the child is using a VPN, detecting the bypassing of parental filters will be extremely difficult. Your router will not show a unique IP address. Even your ISP will have no clue about this.



    There's yet another peculiar way to bypass parental content filtering. Accessing the Images tab of sensitive search keywords can effectively remove the SafeSearch option, opening up adult content to the child. Most of the search engines host and cache content on their personal servers. This means that numerous images will be displayed, irrelevant to the URL.


    This is one proxy method that not a lot of the millenials might be aware of. If a URL is blocked, Google Translate can be used to effectively change the language of the website domain, fooling the internet into unlocking the website. This result is slow by works most of the time.


    One of the most famous portable/hidden browsers in the world is TOR. It reroutes internet traffic through different worldwide servers, consisting of more than 7,000 unique relays. This routing makes it impossible to ascertain what content a user is viewing while using the browser. Its inbuilt focus on privacy and anonymity are an excellent prospect for bypassing your filters.

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