7 Obvious Tech Mistakes you should definitely avoid while travelling abroad

    While Travelling abroad, there are several mistakes one should avoid. These are common mistakes people end up committing, owing to lack of attention and sometimes lack of knowledge.

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    7 Obvious Tech Mistakes you should definitely avoid while travelling!

    Technology has become an essential part of every travel journey - be it your phone or be it any other technology like a Laptop, Camera, etc. You must also remember to carry along a good travel bag to keep all your gadgets which is essential because you will have to keep your Gadgets inside a Travel bag when your bags go for security checks and frisking.

    Let's look at 7 things - technology related that you must remember while travelling abroad


    The smartphone Charger is an essential for charging your gadgets like Smartphones, iPod's, among others. The Voltage is different in different countries. It differs globally. You should understand that the standard for electricity followed in Asia might not be followed in Europe or the Americas. So Please check your charger or dock that will charge our smartphone, no matter where you are.


    While travelling, Checking international Roaming Rates is a must. You should know what your Telecom carrier charges you while you are travelling. If your duration is very brief you can use your existing SIM card in another country. Another things would be to get a new SIM Card from where you are stranded. International roaming rates can also be exorbitant, so its better to opt for a local SIM Card in the place where you have come.


    It is essential that you let your Bank know that you are travelling to another country. This can come handy if you are going to be using credit cards and Debit cards in another country. A bank authorization is often required for using your card in another country.


    Using a Public Wi-Fi can be tricky. Safety and Security are a must. Using Public wi-Fi or Hotspots can be dangerous sometimes. Your smartphone or Laptop could be vulnerable to attacks.


    Remember to Carry your Gadgets like your Smartphones, Laptops and Cameras in your Personal Hand bags. You should carry them with you in the bag that you hold in your hands as often leaving them in your Luggage bag could possibly be risky as they could be stolen.


    It is very essential to carry a Hard copy of all your Travel Documents. Always Remember to carry your Travel Documents in your luggage or Hand held bags. Carrying Soft copies of your documents in your Smartphone or Laptop might not help if you run out of battery.


    You can carry Debit Cards or other Cash cards that allow you to use money in another country. If you are withdrawing money in another country, remember that you will be charged at ATM kiosks and POS in another country. Your Bank will levy charges and fees for withdrawing or using your card in another country.


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