A few handy tips to search Twitter like an expert

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Twitter to information (news) is like Google to the internet; you can find anything and everything on it (okay, that’s a bit of exaggeration, but you get the point, right?). The one downside of using Twitter to keep up with the current affairs, however, is the sheer amount of news that pops up online. 

A few handy tips to search Twitter like an expert

Sure, following a limited amount of users alleviates the issue to a certain extent, but you can’t deny that it’s just not perfect or at least, close to what you’d want your feed to be. Either it’s an overabundant affair, or you are missing out on something despite curating a meticulous follower list. Naturally, you look for the missed information by searching it on Twitter. 

But, for a refined search, you’ve got to know a few Twitter search operators without which searching things may not be as easy as it may sound. So, without any delay, let’s check them out.

To search specific words

“Twitter search”: This operator shows all the tweets with the exact phrase “Twitter search.”  

“Hello” and “world”: Shows all the tweets containing the words “Hello”  and “world” in any position.

Hey” or “what’s up”: Shows all the tweets either with “Hey” or “What’s up.”

“Hello” but not “goodbye”: Shows all the words containing “Hello” excluding the ones with “goodbye.”

“#Awesome”: All the tweets with the hashtag “Awesome” will be displayed. 

To search specific people

from:MsKajalAggarwal: This operator will show all the tweets sent by “Kajal Aggarwal”. Similarly "from:AkshayKumar" will show tweets from Akshay kumar. Note that one has to use their respective usernames without using @. One can also Enter Keywords on one's topic of interest before these search operator for news. Example "Maari from:MsKajalAggarwal" shows all tweets by Kajal aggarwal on Maari.

to:GizBot: Shows all the tweets sent to “GizBot.”

@GizBot: Shows all the tweets referencing “GizBot.”

To search specific dates and locations

“Free Pizza” near:“Koramangala”: Shows all the tweets with the exact phrase “free prize” which were sent near “Koramangala.”

“Single since:1994-09-19”: Displays all the tweets with the phrase “Single” which were sent since the date 1994-09-19 (year-month-day). 


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