Amazon Wants To Cool Down Earth By Dimming Sunlight; Here’s What It Plans


Jeff Bezos seems to be planning to dim the Sun's light. His company Amazon has joined forces with the National Center for Atmospheric Research and the geoengineering nonprofit SilverLining. They will be creating models that depict what would happen if some rays from the Sun are blocked out, reports Gizmodo.



In other words, Amazon is providing its powerful computer processors to create 30 simulations of our planet's future climate. One of the simulations models a world where humans have managed to inject aerosols into the atmosphere to dim the light coming from the Sun, also known as solar radiation management, enabling the planet to cool down drastically.

Amazon Donating Supercomputers For The Effort

Amazon Donating Supercomputers For The Effort

Climate modeling is possible with high-end supercomputers and that's where Amazon keeps its end of the partnership, letting climate researchers use its cloud computing system.

"Cloud computing has started to reach the point where it could contemplate supporting workloads like this," Kelly Wanser, the executive director of SilverLining, told Gizmodo.

"And so you have this inflection point where the underlying technology is sophisticated enough, and so the question is, can you break the adoption impasse and see if you can get this stuff running on the cloud? And then what happens if you do?"

Research Could Help Prevent Future Disasters

Research Could Help Prevent Future Disasters

While tinkering with the atmosphere artificially might sound ominous, there could be many upsides to Amazon donating its computational power for this effort. For one, a lot of research needs to be done on the full impacts of solar radiation management.

Since climate change seems to be getting more likely with each passing year, the technique could be helpful in preventing potential disasters. However, it could also create some new problems, which makes the research more important.

Jeff Bezos Wants To Become Immortal

Jeff Bezos Wants To Become Immortal

Apart from solar radiation management, Jeff Bezos is also said to be backing a Silicon Valley startup called Altos Labs that is working towards finding ways to reverse the aging process. The startup has managed to garner huge funding from several billionaires. The names include Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Russian-Israeli billionaire Yuri Milner.

The company is working with top scientists from across the globe and paying them as high as $1 million with promises to letting them pursue their own research on anti-aging and how to reverse the process of cell aging. To rejuvenate cells, the biological reprogramming method is used and it could open the doors to immortality. As per the MIT Technology Review report, there won't be a deadline for the scientists to come up with the technology.

While many startups are working on biological reprogramming, Altos Labs has secured the biggest funding. Previously, Bezos also invested in an anti-aging company called Unity Biotechnology. While his stake in Altos labs is still unclear, what's certain is that he's aware that he's getting old. Well, it's no surprise that billionaires have put in huge sums on something that will make them live as long as possible. Only time will tell if this could really work.

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