AMD Processors Might Be Next On Cryptominers’ Crosshairs


Crypto mining and semiconductor shortage go hand in hand. It has made buying graphics cards a near-impossible task, eventually leading to the skyrocketing price of GPUs. Intel's latest CPUs might have pushed AMD's Ryzen processors out of the limelight, but that does not mean the latter will not witness rise again.


AMD processors

As the cryptocurrency Raptoreum (RTM) continues to grow, Ryzen CPUs supply might become as scarce as graphics cards, eventually surging their price.


Will Raptoreum Mining Make AMD Chips Scarce?

Will Raptoreum Mining Make AMD Chips Scarce?

As per the Raptoreum Mining Profitability Calculator, one Ryzen 5950x with a hash rate of 4247 h/s can mine around 161 Raptoreum in a day. Each coin is worth $0.00215607 at the time of writing, which translates to $3.47 at 125 watts of power. In a year, one 5950x can churn out $930.75, which is a great deal.

Raptoreum isn't new to the cryptocurrency space; however, its thirst for CPU cache, especially ones with bigger L3 cache, such as the Ryzen 9 5950x and the 5900x, might not sit well with many. Both the 5900x and 5950x feature an L3 cache of 64MB, which can be considered affordable.

However, miners might not target those CPUs, as they will look for bigger, less practical AMD CPUs that come at a hefty price. For instance, one Ryzen Threadripper 3970x comes with 128MB of L3 cache and 8587 h/s hash rate and can mine 325 Raptoreum in one day, which translates to $2,558 per year.

Miners Ready To Spend Good Money On Upgrades

Miners Ready To Spend Good Money On Upgrades

It's pretty evident how much money crypto miners are ready to shell out on hardware, so the current price of AMD's CPUs will be pocket change to them but can be scary for people who are looking to upgrade their rigs now.

Recently, the third-gen Epyc processor came out featuring AMD's vertical cache and a boat-load of L3 cache - 768MB. Even though these chips will carry a heavy price tag, miners might not think twice before pumping in some extra money to yield more cryptocurrency.

Fortunately, AMD's current CPU supply is going well at popular PC hardware stores including Amazon and Microcenter. As of now, Raptoreum doesn't seem like much of a threat to consumer PCs, but it's not something to be neglected completely.

Did China’s Crytomining Ban Help Reduce Chip Shortage?

Did China’s Crytomining Ban Help Reduce Chip Shortage?

China's crackdown on crypto mining operations was believed to put an end to this chip shortage. It forced many crypto miners to sell off their GPUs at low rates. It's still unclear whether this is the end of chip shortage and a new chapter in crypto mining, but the values of digital tokens and real-world goods associated with them might soon face the heat.

Instead of selling at a higher price than the original cost, GPUs have started selling for only a tad higher price than their actual MRP. Reports suggest this trend has been noticed in some parts of Asia. China banned crypto mining operations across the country, indicating an end to its huge contributions to global crypto mining operations. As per a recent estimate, 65% of global Bitcoin mining as of April 2020 happened in China.

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