Become an expert on networking with these 10 important terms you need to know

    Of the thousands of hours we've spent on the internet, how well do we know the terminologies surrounding this important technology? Knowing the every aspect of the internet is not possible, but being aware of the basic terms and lingos used would be beneficial for all.

    Here are 10 important internet and networking terms that we all need to know about.


    The Wireless Local Area Network is the medium of connectivity between two or more devices over-the-air. The connectivity is restricted to only a limited area, and any device that goes beyond the reachability of the WLAN modem automatically disconnects.


    The best example of a Wireless Personal Area Network would be the Bluetooth Connection between your smartphones, or even the wireless mouse and the desktops. The connectivity is only to devices within a close proximity.

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    IPv4 and IPv6

    Transmission Control Protocols/Internet Protocols (TCP/IP) are secure standard connections which enable you to access the internet and any other forms of secure connectivity. Primarily in use are versions 4 and 6, also known as IPv4 and IPv6. The IP addresses are unique and every connection has its own unique IP for users to connect to.


    Network Access Transmission is specifically found in routers. You can create a single IP address with NATs for every user to access. Multiple devices will need to use this single IP address to access the network.


    Gateways are similar to third-party access. It is what enables a connection and flow of data to take place between to two or more devices. The router you use is in itself a gateway.

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    A packet refers to the information that is delivered to and from the source and destination. It is essentially what carries the data from your mobile screens to the servers of web pages. The information is captured and transferred only in the presence of a packet.


    Peer-to-peer connections are what illegal movie downloads made so famous. There are many internet service providers, but not all the users are connected to the same server. A P2P connection helps to link multiple devices to the same network irrespective of the internet service provider, also allowing the seamless transfer of files and information.

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    Our browsing of the internet and also the payments that we make online are always secure with the help of Transport Layer Security and Secure Sockets Layer.

    These protocols ensure that any data that is transferred from the user to the server and vice versa remains encrypted and is not accessible to any outsiders.

    The Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure helps to use these addition security measures in any of your personal sessions.


    Imagine a train with the whole city trying to get in and reach a destination. What follows in such scenarios is the shutdown of the service. Distributed Denial of Service works in a similar way. When billions of users try to access the same web page at the same time, the internet takes precautions to lock out users in order to mitigate traffic.

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    Domain Name System works like a directory of IP addresses and web pages. If a user types in the web address of the website, the DNS server converts your text into internet language, checks the servers for matching IP addresses, and returns the web page to your browser.


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