10 Best Background Check Sites

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Running a background check on someone isn't just for professionals. Everyone in their daily lives might want to try out this service, considering the uncertain times we live in.


You meet a lot of new acquaintances every day, and you can never be sure who among them is reliable and truth-worthy. However, if you run a background check on them, you can find out all they are hiding in their past.
Running a background check on someone does not require doing any fieldwork or collecting information manually. You can directly use a background check service for the job.

You will find a list of the 10 best background check sites in this article. Here are the top picks that are the best in the category:

TruthFinder - Vast databases for in-depth background searches

CocoFinder - Combines the best features of the best background check services.

Instant Checkmate - Simple, easy to use, and minimalistic information search engine

Intelius - Intelligent background searches through a lot of options.

1. TruthFinder

If you want to do a background check on a person in the United States, there is nothing better than TruthFinder for the purpose. It can provide you with a whole lot of information about any person pertaining to their past and the present.

10 Best Background Check Sites

In order to do a background check through TruthFinder, you will need the first name and the last name of the person. You can also enter the city and state of residence to narrow down your search. In addition, using TruthFinder to search for other people's background is legit, which is also mentioned in this TruthFinder review.

What Information Does TruthFinder Background Check Provide?

The information provided by TruthFinder's background check includes:

Personal Information

Personal information means data about a person's full name, aliases, date of birth, age, and even their picture if it is available.

Employment History

You can find out where they work and the companies in which they have worked in the past. It also shows the time period for which they have worked in that company if it is available.

Education History

Education history shows the list of educational institutes (such as schools and colleges) which the person you are searching for has attended.

Relatives and Acquaintances

You can know about the people who are in the circle of the person whose background check you are looking for. This includes their relatives, friends, roommates, colleagues, business partners, and more.

Criminal History

You can find out about their past criminal records and arrest warrants. TruthFinder provides every bit of minute data on the subject, which even includes their traffic records.

Social Media Profiles

You can also learn about their various profiles on platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and any other profile they use.

Contact Information

It also provides data, including how to contact them, such as their current home address, office address, phone number, and email address.

There are many other things that you can find, such as court cases, sex offender information, assets, and more.

Do a Free Background Check on TruthFinder Now

2. CocoFinder

CocoFinder's background check service is similar to TruthFinder and competes with it quite well on every level.

It is quite a legit platform that even provides you do's and don'ts on how you can fairly use the information you access from the platform.

10 Best Background Check Sites

For doing a CocoFinder background check, you need to enter the first name, last name, city (optional), and state of residence (optional).

When you search for the person, CocoFinder will show you all the matching results. You can choose the correct profile based on the profile overview for each search result.

Why Do a Background Check Through CocoFinder?

A CocoFinder background check can be pretty useful for a variety of use cases. These include:

Safety of Loved Ones

One of the most common reasons to do a background check is to make sure that you and your loved ones are safe and secure. A background check tells you about the criminal history of the people around you, and you can find out who has a shady past. It reveals the worst image of people around us, showing their arrest and warrant history.


When you meet a new person, it is very important to find out everything about them. Some people even give fake information, which raises the risk to new heights. A background check service can tell you if the information they gave you is true and if they are okay to trust.


Background check is done by the landlord when they are checking the applications of potential tenants. A background check makes sure that it is safe to rent out the premises to the person.

Finding Information on Yourself

When you are going to apply for a new job or a new apartment, people are going to do a background check on you. You need to find out what information about you is publicly available. For example, your criminal record or any fraud case. A CocoFinder background check will help you with that.

Check CocoFinder here

3. Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is another great popular background check service widely used by people. Its background check service mainly focuses on providing in-depth arrest records, criminal records, and traffic records.

10 Best Background Check Sites

However, don't be lured into thinking the service is instant just because 'Instant' is in its name. It can actually take you about ten to fifteen minutes when you are doing a background check through Instant Checkmate.

It shows massive updates and warnings before running a phone lookup or background check on your target. After this, it finally shows results.

Even though the time consumed can be seen as a bit excessive, the results you get are actually worth it. Instant Checkmate focuses on records on a federal level, which means that you will get a person's criminal history not just in a particular state but in the entire country.

What's more, if you wonder whether Instant Checkmate is safe to use, you can check the Instant Checkmate review here and find every aspect of this service.

How Instant Checkmate Works?

Instant Checkmate is linked to public records databases throughout the country. When you do a background check through this service, it searches for the information in this vast database. Once a result is matched, you are provided

Click here to Check Instant Checkmate now

4. Intelius

Intelius provides intelligent background check searches, in the sense that you can search for exactly what you want without going through any extra information.

10 Best Background Check Sites

While the services mentioned so far have their specialty in providing you the criminal records of a person, Intelius is great for finding out their asset data. You can read this review to know the very end for sure and the right ways to use Intelius.

A great thing about Intelius is that when you do a background check through it, it clearly tells you how you should NOT use the data you find. For example, you cannot use this information on a person for employment screening, loans, insurance, or any other need.

You can run a background check on your target to check his arrest history and criminal record. By phone lookup, the application provides the identity, age, date of birth, and relatives of the target person.

There are plenty of great positive background check reviews of Intelius. Therefore, there wouldn't be anything to worry about when you are using this service.

Check Intelius website here

5. ZabaSearch

ZabaSearch also provides the necessary information and details of the target by his phone number or name. However, even for the relatively short time that it has been around, Zabasearch has managed to get quite a popularity out there.

10 Best Background Check Sites

When you are doing a search through Zabasearch, you will not find as in-depth information as the other alternatives above will provide you.

This is why Zabasearch is ideal for people who are looking for a basic background check service, which can give you a general overview of a person without many details, such as the criminal background.

The interface of Zabasearch is, in particular, praiseworthy. Searches on this platform are very quick, which adds to the user experience.

6. FastPeopleSearch

FastPeopleSearch is an average background check service that is good for doing a search on yourself.

While the service is quite genuine, it has mixed reviews under its umbrella on the internet. While many people praise that the service actually works instead of doing lame gimmicks, there is also the point of the hitches present in its working process.

For example, there is a lot of downtime with FastPeopleSearch when you access the website. Not only that, but some people also complain that the platform's user support team fairs quite poorly. If you want your information to be removed from here, they aren't good at doing it.

Other than that, FastPeopleSearch is a legit background check service that you can give a shot if the other alternatives are not something that pleases you. It provides you knowledge about your stuff that is publically available. You can see your apparent age, relatives, jobs, pay, and educational institutes.

7. US Search

Many people think that US Search is an official and government-operated background check service due to its name. While that is not true, US Search is indeed a legit background check service.

On the first look, the interface of US Search will seem quite different than the other background check services you might have tried. While services like TruthFinder have an engaging interface, US Search can make you feel that you are using a web service from a decade ago. It has an old interface and not a very handy dashboard.

This application only works in the state of the US and fails to run any check on individuals from other states. However, the data it provides includes the target's complete history, his locations, address, social media accounts, and date of birth.

The same is also reflected in the information it provides you. There is an acute lack of updated databases, and it is quite probable that the information you will find on a person is so old that it will make it seem irrelevant.

Other than that, US Search is a working background check service that will not scam you and will not provide you with fabricated information.

8. Spy Fly

All the features of Spy Fly are combined under one single search option- Public Record Search. There is no option to search, particularly for a person's phone number or address. The report provided by Spy Fly will include all the information present on them online.

This means that even if you are looking for something basic like a person's phone number, the background check will consume an excessive amount of time. This can seem a bit unreasonable considering other alternatives on the list provide you with multiple search options.

Additionally, the databases of Spy Fly are quite limited, which means that there are chances you will not really find the person you are looking for. If that happens, you are going to be quite disappointed considering the time you invested in the service.

9. Check People

Check People is more of a people search service than a background check service. This means that it can give you an overview of a person based on little bits of information you have on them.

If you want an extensive background check, it does not compare as well as the best apps on this list.

Searching for someone through Check People means having to go through a lot of marketing gimmicks. In the end, the information you find may or may not be worth it, depending on the person you are looking for.

Another hitch with Check People is that its databases are completely blank for certain geographies in the country. This means that you will not find any information on a single person in those localities. However, there is no way to find that out before you do the search yourself.

10. People Smart

People Smart is a background check service for businesses. Through this service, you will find information about people that you can use to boost your own business.

For example, companies use People Smart to find information about people, which they can add to their sales lists. Enhancing customer data accessed through People Smart goes a long way in building a better relationship with the customer.

People Smart's background check focuses on providing you with the LinkedIn profile, phone number, email addresses, customer insights, and more.

Is There a Totally Free Background Check?

Finding enough information about your related person without letting him know already seems like a miracle. However, the question arises about the consumed cost for this purpose. If we talk about free background checks online at no charge, then CocoFinder is the best of all.

It has a vast range in the field of lookup services. It offers the identity lookup and criminal background check to the users accurately. It has a convenient interface and a completely free service.

You can run a background check and Email lookup on your target without paying for it. It is a free government background check that provides the felonies, court proceedings, civil court records, and employment history of the target.

How to Do a Background Check on Someone

There are other methods available that help to run a background check on your target. You may find any useful data by these methods, but this happens once in a while.

Public records

Checking the public records such as the country record, local police records, and the state correctional record can help you. By checking these records, you can find out the criminal history of your target person. It shows all the people that have some history with police, crimes, and courts. If your target is registered as a sex-offender, you will find the details.


The next technique to find out the background of your target is to do it yourself. One can hire a private investigator and insert the available information about the target on background check platforms. The sites are helpful for employees to run a check on themselves and find out their public information. They can hide the information afterward.

Private investigators can collect and interpret data and information on a personal level. They don't only show the public information, but can also look for private stuff.

Searching and Social networking

The next technique to find your public information on platforms is to do a google search on different social networks. For example, information and data about conferences attended by employees or big companies in which the target person was involved appear in a Google search.


When you are thinking about doing a background check online, not every service can be trusted as easily. You will be surprised to find out how many scam services are present on the internet, even fabricating a person's information to show you the matching results.

This is why this list of the 10 best background check sites is going to be very handy for you. You can check out the recommendations here along with the strength and weaknesses of each product to make a well-informed decision.

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