Best Google chrome extensions for Youtube

Try These Google chrome extensions for Youtube

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Everybody watches YouTube and its great! But what if we could make it even better? There are extensions that can make our viewing experience much better.

Best Google chrome extensions for Youtube

There are some of the features which are enhancing the missing functionality to a further extent. So we have listed 5 extensions that you can use it on YouTube.

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Turn off light

With this extension, it lets you focus only on Youtube video by darkening all the white areas and text that surrounds the video. With the areas darkened out, you can view the video without any distraction and anxiety about the next videos. The developer also says that this feature kind of gives the theater experience.

Fast Youtube Search

This extension directly adds a button into your Chrome interface that you can click on and search video from without having to navigate to the YouTube website.

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Auto HD for Youtube

This one will help you in choosing the best quality for your connection and player size. Further, this one will show videos only in 720p or 1080p, when available. Just install this, set up your options to let the extension know which quality you'd like to display videos in and you're done.

Youtube Smart Pause

This is the most useful extension for Youtube ever. Instead of you having to pause the video each time, the extension will do it for you. It will detect automatically when you are not watching and resume the video once you back to the same tab.

Youtube Music Video Lyrics

Do you like to sing along? Then install YouTube Music Video Lyrics extension. If you click on it while watching a music video on YouTube and a window with lyrics will drop down on the screen.

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