10 Best People Finder Services to Search for People

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People from everywhere are looking for a reverse lookup app that magically provides useful and maximum information about their target by their name or phone number. To find out the identity of any wrong caller, or the reality of people sending emails as a company, people really need a person's site engines to search for people. These applications are connected with maximum databases and public search engines.


This is the reason they provide authentic information related to the target's identity. You can also check the target's criminal background by entering his name or phone number. To check whether our assumptions for someone are true or false, we can use a website to look people up. It discloses the real identity of people and presents their reality in front of you.

Here, we have listed some people search sites that provide authentic data related to the target's background and personal identity.

• Instant Checkmate - Connecting People through Best People Search

• TruthFinder - Impressive Service with Affordable Rates

CocoFinder - Well-Featured Lookup with Multiple Search Options

• Intelius - Accurate with in-depth Results


Part 1: Instant checkmate

Instant Checkmate provides personal history, credentials, and basic information of the target to the users, including exact information of that person.

With Instant checkmate, there are many ways to find your lost friends or relatives. For example, the phone lookup service lets you add the target's phone number and returns his identity details and location. It provides social media links of the person so that you can check them to find out his details. The phone lookup service provides email addresses and alternative phone numbers of the target person.

10 Best People Finder Services to Search for People

You can also find out their public and personal information by typing in their name. The application also provides you the details of financial loans and dues perceived by the target. It displays the employment history and details of the educational institutes of the target, and you can check this review post to know more details.

If the target has any business registered on his phone number, the software would know his business' details. The software shows criminal background, court proceedings, felonies, and civil court records. The application also shows the data about the target through his home address. The address lookup displays details of the target and his house.

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Part 2: TruthFinder

TruthFinder is a public record search engine used for looking up addresses, phone numbers, criminal background, and public accounts of the target. It gives the web intelligence service that provides data about bank account numbers, phone numbers, and driver's licenses. The details also include his credit and debit card details, social network accounts, and telephone numbers.

TruthFinder has strong interlinking with databases and public search engines. This is the reason that it has the capability to provide data and past records of any person 15 years ago. Its database has vast and accurate data. Social media has a great contribution in finding correct data of the target. The data includes complete ID, profile pictures, videos, photos, and educational institutes of the target.

TruthFinder gives background information of the target, such as their personal's criminal history, his relatives, past details, financial dues, and employment history. It also includes court proceedings, civil court records, felonies, and sex-offending history.

10 Best People Finder Services to Search for People

It has White pages that work as an advanced phonebook that provides facts and information through a given phone number. The software delivers factual data by requiring minimal data such as name, email address, phone number, or house address.

TruthFinder provides the phone numbers and email addresses of the target person. Though it provides a one-time usage option, it provides all search options.

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Part 3: CocoFinder

CocoFinder provides details and information about the target by his name, phone numbers, email address, house address, and social accounts. The search by name provides the full identity of the target, such as his name, age, location, and date of birth. The search by name provides financial dues, billings, proceedings, and the full identity of the target.

10 Best People Finder Services to Search for People

CocoFinder provides reverse phone lookup services that give details of the target when you enter his phone number in the app. The provided information includes social media accounts, email addresses, phone numbers, and financial dues of the target.

If the victim has any registration as a sex-offender or criminal, the software shows it. The background screenings also consist of employment history, his education, and complete history and identity.

The email lookup requires the email address of the target and provides sufficient data related to his identity. The data includes his date of birth, age, relatives, and background details. If the victim has done any crime, the application shows it. If he has any sex-offending history, it is also shown on the display screen.

The data included in the address lookup includes information of tenants at that location. The software would deliver information through an address, including its value, selling price, and income of neighborhood areas.

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Part 4: Intelius

Intelius provides information through various connections with databases and public search engines. It provides authentic data due to maximum interlinking with national and international databases. Intelius provides search by name, phone lookup service, email lookup, address lookup, and background check.

The phone lookup service gives the identity of the target, age, date of birth, relatives, social media accounts, and phone numbers of the target. The data includes a background check, criminal history, sex-offending details, court proceedings, civil court records, and felonies.

10 Best People Finder Services to Search for People

The email address lookup service gives data of the target through his email address. The data informs the user about the reality of the person behind certain emails. It keeps the target safe from different problematic situations and helps him avoid scammers.

From this review article, you would get to know how to find the background data and identity of the target by his name, phone numbers, or address. Moreover, the details carried out through someone's house address include tenants' details and their surroundings.

To avoid being trapped in some wrong workplace or organization, you can put their numbers or email addresses in the search bar. The application would start delivering their personal identity, background, and educational institutes of directed person.

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Part 5: Search Public Records

Search Public Records provides comprehensive background information. It is the fastest method to look up information on friends or family and even on yourself too. With the help of Search Public Records, you would receive more detailed information than a Google search.

10 Best People Finder Services to Search for People

This app will give you access to millions of consumer records and thousands of federal databases. Just enter the name and state to start your search for anyone. It permits viewing contact info, legal and lifestyle data, or financial history.

You can search for any person, and he will never be notified that you inspected his public particulars. It means your search is completely secure and private.

Search Public Records will show the residential history, phone numbers, or email of your target person. Even check out their financial histories like judgments, liens, or bankruptcies. This app gives you a report on lifestyle, licenses, career details, or warrants and arrests.

Part 6: Spokeo

Spokeo is a free public search engine that provides you with information about people and their connections with others. It allows White Pages People Search to get accurate details such as phone numbers or addresses.

If you want to know about a person behind a phone number, then try out its reverse phone lookup services. This will give you a complete report about your target's name, address, and something more related to a contact number. With the help of business listings, search through the large-scale database of local businesses to choose a perfect one for yourself.

It provides information about the target, such as his name, social media accounts, age, relatives, and financial dues. The application informs the user about the misdemeanors, court records, financial charges, and allegations of a directed person.

The application shows numerous records of the target through his house address, such as his relatives, identity, education, employment history, and financial dues.

Part 7: ZabaSearch

ZabaSearch provides its offering without any cost. It provides phone lookup and searches by name service. It is more like searching for someone on google, which only requires you to add a name or phone number to initiate the search.

Background check, address lookup, phone lookup service, and search by name provide maximum information. The background check provides criminal records, influential relatives, family members, employment history, and financial dues of the target. The application shows phone numbers, email addresses, social media accounts, and dates of birth.

10 Best People Finder Services to Search for People

In case the victim has any criminal records or registration as a criminal in civil courts, the app would also show it.

ZabaSearch has white pages that are more like a typical phonebook. It has phone numbers and important data. The application provides it when the user types the name of the target. The data includes information gathered through public search engines and databases.

Part 8: PeopleFinder

PeopleFinder performs an activity to provide information about the target through his name, phone number, and email address. The Email address lookup of the application finds out the personal data of the target through his Gmail. The information involves his name, date of birth, addresses, phone numbers, relatives, social media account, business, and employment history.

10 Best People Finder Services to Search for People

If the target has any sex-offending history or multiple marriages, the application shows its details and spouse data. The information gathered through phone lookup service involves other phone numbers, social media accounts, email addresses, full identity, relatives, and date of birth.

The application also accesses lawsuits, criminal background, felonies, or court and fraud cases. PeopleFinder can also find the target's linked social media handles, his business details, friends, family, education, workplaces, and photos available on his social accounts.

When the user adds the target's minimum information, such as his name or phone number, the application shows matching results through public search engines.

9. SpyDialer

SpyDialer is much more than just a people search engine. The application also reveals other important details such as complete name, age, education, employment history, relatives, and marital record.

The application claims to be free, but this is not the fact because of contradicting reviews from the users claiming its promotion of being free, totally untrue. The software does find important information such as name, address, age, email addresses, and criminal background. The application provides criminal records, lawsuits, and court proceedings of the target.

In case of any crime or sex-offending history, the application shows authentic data. Though it finds important history related to the target's background but still misses the important data. It does not find address details of the target through his address. The application is connected to weak and lesser databases and public searches.

Part 10: True People Search

True People Search is a background check and phone lookup service that provides authentic information through the target's name, phone number, address, and email address lookup. The software provides the target's data, such as his full identity, social media handles, email addresses, age, relatives, and phone numbers.

The software offers the criminal history of targets and businesses through their phone numbers or email addresses. The application also shows financial dues, court proceedings, bankruptcies, and bank records. True People Search has a dissatisfactory user list because of its unauthentic results and data. However, the software provides social media profiles of the target with his phone number or name.

True People Search is actually interlinked with public searches and only displays publicly available data. This is why it misses some important information. The application gives the full identity of the target.

To access the target's data, you can type his name in the search bar and pull-off details by his name.


The article concludes a list of people searches websites that are used to provide information about the target through his name, number, email address, house address, or white pages. The applications find out relevant information due to their numerous connections with databases and public search engines.

The important data gathered by applications include the target's name, age, social media accounts, phone numbers, email addresses, financial dues, and criminal background. This is an important and vital service as it saves people from the traps of fake organizations and scammers. Anyone looking for the best people finder would surely be satisfied after reading this review.

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