Best Ways To Avoid TV Show, Movie Spoilers On Social Media


Ever feel annoyed when you accidentally come across a spoiler of your favorite TV show or a movie you were highly anticipating? Hearing that there's been a major plot twist or a fan-favorite character has bid goodbye to the show might make you skeptical about logging into your social media at times.

Best Ways To Avoid TV Show, Movie Spoilers On Social Media

Nothing can ruin your excitement level faster than a spoiler on your social media feed. While staying off the internet might be the best way to stay away from these spoilers, but you know how hard it can be for today's generation. Well, fret not! There are a few ways to get your way around spoilers without going offline.

Hide Updates From Facebook Fan Pages

It might be one of the most effective ways to avoid spoilers. It's best to mute all updates from such Facebook groups or consider leaving them when it's time for the arrival of whatever you're anticipating. Once the moment has passed, you can rejoin it or unmute the group.
If you're a cinephile, you already know that soon after a press preview of a show or a movie, the spoilers start pouring in. It might be the right time for you to avoid groups where leaks and spoilers get discussed.

Muting Keywords On Twitter

Twitter is another place where you frequently stumble upon spoilers. However, the platform offers a feature that might help prevent it. It allows you to mute specific words that you think might be related to the movie/show. You can select related names, authors, places, plot points, or other keywords.

You can set the mute duration to "24 hours," "7 days," or "30 days," and even "forever." If you happen to be a known personality of Twitter, you can also opt to mute notifications. It's always better to turn off the ability to get spoiler-filled DMs from people or stop people from tagging you in photos that might spill the beans.


Delete YouTube History

While most of the videos on YouTube write "SPOILERS" in the title name, it's possible to come across videos that give away the spoiler in their title name. You might come across such videos while watching clips from previous episodes or previous installments from a movie franchise.

Deleting YouTube history will prevent the platform's algorithm from suggesting you videos that might have spoilers in their title name itself. Deleting your YouTube history is pretty easy; tap on the 'History' tab on the left side below 'Library' on your YouTube homepage. Then on the right, you'll see "CLEAR ALL WATCH HISTORY," that's about it.

Use Chrome Extensions

If the aforementioned ways feel like too much work, there are good browser extensions worth trying. An extension called BlockTube enables users to hide YouTube comments that could be spoilers. All you need to do is fill in a list of keywords you would like to block.

Besides, the extension is also capable of blocking YouTube's trending page and its auto-generated playlists. There are many such extensions out there that could prevent you from spoilers. Unfortunately, these extensions don't work on mobile browsers, so it is recommended to not use YouTube on the phone for a few days until you've seen the movie you were waiting for.

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