Check if your internet service provider is giving you the right speed

These days, there is an increase in the Internet Service provider advertising their speeds we can never imagine, a few years ago. When it comes to the smartphones the limit in cities is 5 to 12Mbps if you have the 4G LTE phones and for desktop with modern high-speed cable connections it is 50-150Mbps.

Check if your internet service provider is giving you the right speed

Having subscribed to your Internet service provider, you think you are getting the promised speeds? Well, today we will suggest you some tool on how to check your Internet connections.

Before checking the speeds, let's have a look at some of the factors that might cause slow downs in your Internet speed.

Hardware Issues: If you have an old router that can’t match up with current speeds or else a poorly configured Wi-Fi connection, it might slow down the connection

Proximity: The near you are the faster you get. Being away from your Internet service provider’s hardware can give you weaker signals as well.

Congestion: Most of us use Internet connection at the same time, so congestion can result as all these people compete for the Internet connection.

Throttling: Sometimes your Internet service provider may slow down certain types of traffic, such as peer-to-peer traffic. This might result in slow down of Internet connection.

Check if your internet service provider is giving you the right speed

How to check your Internet speed?

The easiest way to do a speed test is with All you need to do is click on the nearest testing area and click Begin Test. You'll see three different sets of numbers: Ping, Download Speed, and Upload Speed.

ZDNet Speed Test

This also allows you to do a speed test in an easier way. Apart from the speed test, it also provides with international statistics on other countries Internet speeds.

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This gives you a good idea of the speed your Internet service provider is giving you. Also, check your connection speeds at different times, including at peak hours and off.

In case, if your speeds aren't as advertised, try upgrading your router or tweak your router's settings to minimize Wi-Fi interference.

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