Chrome Extensions every student should use

If you are a student and seeking for a good Chrome extension, then this will definitely help.

    Productivity, discipline, and efficiency is at the core of what makes a student a lean, mean learning machine, but any aid or support that can enhance the above mentioned three aspects of a student’s learning process is a blessing. Online research and access to the internet has opened up a whole new world for students. But the internet also comes packed with its own sets of pitfalls and distractions in the form of social media and cat videos (totally depends on personal choice. This writer does not endorse or support the consumption of aforementioned videos).

    Chrome Extensions every student should use


    But Chrome, one of the best browsers out there comes with a wide array of extensions which can be found on the Chrome Web Store which can be added to your browser in order to improve your performance.


    In addition to blocking the pop-up ads, banner ads and any other ads of all shapes and sizes, this amazing chrome extension also manage to considerably speed up your web browsing experience.


    This is not just an extension for chrome but a freemium service available across multiple browsers and platforms.

    The main function of this service is to store your passwords and usernames under layers of encryption.


    While StrictFlow works based on blocking websites that might distract you for the duration of a project, StayFocused performs a little differently, this extension only allows you to unnecessary websites for a limited span every day.

    StrictFlow (Strict Pomodoro)

    Initially named Strict Pomodoro based on the Pomodoro technique developed by Francesco Cirillo, they were forced to change the name because of a cease and desist letter from the same guy.

    The technique and the extension have the user spending 25 minutes on whichever task that they have been assigned to do without being distracted in any way. This is followed by a break period of about five minutes. The option to blacklist and whitelist websites based on requirements is also available.


    This screenshot extension is the basic requirement a student should have fulfilled. This extension also allows you to select specific areas of a website or page to take pictures of, and the option to edit it, crop it and save it to the clipboard or upload it.

    It actually adds a button to the toolbar which allows you to take a screenshot.


    This extension generates a link for the website that you are using along with the title.


    This extension works on the principle of asking questions to you as pop-ups and refusing to go away unless you answer them.

    You are the one who will initially choose the things to be asked and the correct replies to them as well.

    They will appear at specified intervals as pop-ups even when you are browsing Reddit or Facebook.


    Reddit Enhancement Suite

    This extension is designed to (wait for it), you guessed it, enhance your experience while you browse Reddit by adding a pile of functional shortcuts and keys for you to take advantage of.

    Google Docs PDF/Powerpoint Viewer

    Tired of downloading and going to different programs in order to view those texts? Say no more, this app is designed to make your experience to smooth and less clunky overall by providing you with the option of viewing your documents in one place.


    Stylebot lets you modification and customization of CSS in websites and keeps them that way.

    Google Quick Scroll

    If you have ever had to search for a quote or statistic under a mountain of text. Unlike the search bar, this nifty little tool shows you a pop-up window with the relevant text.

    Facebook Courage Wolf

    It puts the image of a snarling wolf behind your newsfeed every time you log into Facebook, this is not designed to scare you per se but draw your attention and remind you why you started using it in the first place. To spend less time on Facebook.


    This extension is a godsend to users like yours truly who have bound their loyalty to the keyboard and have grown to resent the mouse over the years.

    The extension is designed to make it easier to navigate and use the functionalities of the browser using only keyboard commands.

    Evernote Web Clipper

    More than just an extension, anything you annotate, create summary links of or grab an image of is saved on a database. This can be accessed by any device that has access to the internet,

    Google Dictionary

    As the name suggests, (if you do not get what it suggests, please look it up), Google Dictionary is a service which provides you with the meaning and explanation of any word or phrase that you might be unfamiliar with.

    Hover Zoom

    Hover Zoom allows you to zoom in on pictures you keep your cursor on top of without having to download or sift your way through a bunch of other pictures.

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