Future Of Smart Home Security Could Be Beyond Cameras


Ever feel uncomfortable in front of a security camera? You might not, but many people do! The idea of being under surveillance doesn't fit well with everyone. Similarly, home security cameras might make you feel protected, but they can also be uncomfortable at times. There have been many instances when home security devices have fallen prey to hackers.


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Though a good firewall and features like two-factor authentication make it difficult for someone to snoop on you, the risk of getting hacked still prevails. The cameras of your home security system can become the eyes of the hacker. Xandar Kardian, a company that deals in radar-based technology, might have something that could take smart home security beyond cameras. The new tech can overhaul modern motion sensors. Let's find out how.

Better Security Without Cameras

Better Security Without Cameras

Motion sensors usually require a good amount of motion for them to trigger. Xandar Kardian has developed a radar technology that can sense the occupant of a particular space without them making a lot of motion. The tech is capable of measuring the heart rate of an occupant and does it with medical-grade accuracy. The system is backed by AI that helps it determine the number of occupants within a space, regardless of their movement.

With this technology, home security can become more secure from people with nefarious intentions. For instance, the new radar technology will determine the number of people in a room using more accurate information than just motion. While a camera can only capture someone's face, the radar tech will be able to detect someone out of the ordinary with certainty.

Not Restricted To Home Security

Not Restricted To Home Security

The radar technology isn't restricted to just home security; it can also help make home devices smarter. We know modern devices are capable of measuring a lot of things about a user; there are still some things that require human assistance.

For instance, if a user falls asleep while watching TV, the radar tech can sense the user is asleep and lower the volume of the TV without disturbing the user. The tech can also be programmed to turn off the lights and change the temperature of the room, allowing users to have a good night's sleep.

More Efficient And Safe

More Efficient And Safe

The radar technology from Xandar Kardian has more to it than just home applications. The tech can come in handy in places like a hotel to save a lot of energy by turning off the lights or lower the thermostat when there's no one in the room.

Moreover, the health-monitoring capabilities of the technology can also be very useful. It can measure the occupant's heart rate and breathing pattern and alert them if it finds anything out of safe range.

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