Gmail: Follow these steps to Prevent from Phishing attacks

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Currently, Gmail is one of the most preferred and widely accepted email services amongst all. In fact, we use Gmail ID to log in to several websites including social medias as well.

Gmail: Follow these steps to Prevent from Phishing attacks

At times, this put the security and privacy of your Gmail account in danger. If your Gmail account has been hacked, then you must change your login password quickly. But how to protect Gmail account? Below are the 5 tips you should follow.

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Two-step verification

To protect your account, Google has added 2-step verification system to ensure your Gmail security to be strong. Here, you'll get OTP on your registered mobile number to log in your account.

To enable this feature, head on to:

Profile -> select My Account -> Sign-in & Security -> Password & Sign-in Methods -> below password setting you will see 2-step verification option -> Turn ON. Now Enter your mobile number type the OTP you got on your mobile.

HTTPS Protections

With this step, you can encrypt your data with the server before sending it to others. Now head on to Gmail Account, click settings -> set Browser Connection to Always use https. Once done, you will notice that the URL is showing https:// rather that simple http:// which indicates that mail is encrypted.

Account activity

In order to keep an eye on account activity, go to Gmail account and scroll down to the bottom till you notice 'Last Account Activity: (no).... Minutes ago' and click Details. Here you will see Access Type, Location (IP address) and date.

Reduce Less Secure Apps

Allowing less secure apps makes your Gmail account vulnerable to hackers. You can disable the options by going to My account -> Connected apps & site -> disable 'Allow less secure apps'.

Security check ups

In order to find unauthorized activity in your Gmail account, if any, go and check Google Security checkup once a month. Sign in >> my account >> Security Checkup.

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