Google Chrome vs Mozilla Firefox: Which one should you use?

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Recently, a constant confusion prevails over picking the best browser our system. As there are lots of web browsers available, there are three to four main browsers which we take into consideration for us to use.

Google Chrome vs Mozilla Firefox: Which one should you use?

However, today, we are going to compare the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox on which is the best one.


Coming to the first and foremost feature, both the browsers offer top notch security to the users. Saying this, Google Chrome is ahead of the rival as it has individual processes for each running tab, which on the other hand consume more RAM.

Talking about the downside, it lacks the ability to securely encrypt all your saved password data with a master key. Moreover, the Firefox lets you use a master password to encrypt all your saved passwords along with some security extensions as well.


This is the most important aspect of a browser and it differs from one browser to others. Even though both the browsers are really fast, Mozilla Firefox is in the driver's seat as it takes much less time for initial start-up. To be specific, the Chrome is trailing the Firefox just by 2 seconds. Also, the performance varies from machine to machine as well.

If you want to run a browser on the old machine, we advise you to install Firefox, as the Chrome consumes lots of memory. Moreover, the Firefox uses nearly 20-60% less memory than Chrome and runs better on machines with less than 4GB of RAM.



When it comes to features, Google Chrome has an app store with thousands of apps, extensions, games, and themes, which are extremely easy to install. The Firefox has its fair share and remains the most customizable in terms of interface and display out of the two.

User Interface

In this arena, both the Browsers have more or less similar interface. Talking about Chrome, it gives you default flat panel design with an address bar that doubles as a search bar. On the other hand, the Firefox has a separate address bar and search bar and also gives you a number of themes on the fly.

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