Google Docs phishing attack: Here’s what to do if you have clicked the doc link

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Recently, Google confirmed the phishing attack on more than 100 million users through Google Docs. Users, who clicked the link, risked themselves giving the hackers their email access to them along with other personal information.

Google Docs phishing attack: Here’s what you need to do

During this attack, users were sent an invitation to edit a Google Doc, with a subject line saying "has shared a document on Google Docs with you".

If users clicked on the Open in Docs, they were taken to a real Google-hosted page and asked the permission to allow a seemingly real service to access their email account data. By granting the permission, user unknowingly gave the permission to the hackers.

Google Docs phishing attack: Here’s what you need to do

If you are one of them, follow the instructions below to save yourself from being hacked.

Step 1: Turn off and disconnect your device from Wi-Fi or any kind of Internet service.

Step 2: Grab a USB besides you and back up your important files on your computer.

Step 3:
Now connect to the Internet, and run a malware scan on your system to check if your information has been compromised.

Step 4: Once done, immediately change the password to your email, and other social media accounts, where the email is linked.

Step 5: Then inform your friends and colleagues saying that your account has been compromised and not to open any links sent from the account.

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