Google's new sign-in UI for Web Services will roll out soon

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It seems Google has decided to revamp its sign-in user interface across its Web services and will be rolling out in few weeks. This initiative has been taken in order to keep consistent interface across computers, phones, and tablets.

Google's new sign-in UI for Web Services will roll out soon

In this article we have compiled a list that easily explains you the upcoming changes and the reason behind it.

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Cleaner and Simpler looks

As per the company, the new sign-in comes with a cleaner, simpler look, and makes the process faster. Also, Google clarifies that the process of Signing in doesn't change, it's just the experience will look different.

Notification alert

According to the Google product manager, Rodrigo Paiva, Google has started showing notification alert about its change in sign-in process at the bottom of the page in order to make them aware.

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Responsive design

This new Interface will come with a responsive design, meaning it will change its appearance based on its screen size and orientation. This helps them to work on both mobile web and desktop/laptop with ease.

Phishing attacks

Phishing attacks are the main reason to change to change the user-interface. It seems lots of people have reported being using a Google-like sign-in page for phishing attacks. This attack involves sending a fake email with an attachment, when clicked, take you to a fake sign-in page, thus your passwords are compromised.

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