Brain tattoo these 10 websites by Google to assuage your life

Do you know these URLs?

    Google is the main source of information for millions of people out there. The search engine stores various details about the users and the searches they do. Google knows the places you visited lately, your interests, every word you have searched for, etc.

    Brain tattoo these 10 websites by Google to assuage your life

    One simple example of this is Google is able to list ads that suit your interest. This is possible as the search engine stores all the information about you and your online activity. The sad thing about this is most people aren't even aware of this. Those who are aware of this might not know how they can access the information that is stored by Google.

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    Here, you will get to know important links where Google stores everything about you. These details are hidden in your Google Account dashboard. You can access the details from here and manage the same. Take a look!


    Google stores a plethora of login credentials including usernames and passwords that you have typed to log into different websites. There is a website where the passwords are saved in plain text. To view these passwords, click here.


    Based on your online activity, Google creates your profile. This profile is based on the websites you visit, your gender, age, and interests. These details are stored to serve you better with more relevant ads. You can get to know the same from this link.


    With the Google's Takeout page, you can get all your content in a single click. You can export all the data from the Google ecosystem. It can be your photos, emails, contacts, videos, etc. Just head over to the Takeout page from here.


    You might have used Google Maps on your mobile to look out for several locations. The locations you report to are stored on Google servers. You can access the complete location history either from the Google Maps website or export the data as KML files that can be accessed via Google Drive.

    New Google Account

    Did you know that you can create a new Google account with the existing email address itself? While you hit sign up, it uses the address as the username. With this URL, you can use other email addresses as the username. 


    Google and YouTube store every term you search for. Also, these websites record every Google ad that you click on different websites, every single YouTube video you have watched, etc. If you use Google Now, even the audio searches you have made are stored. You can access and manage these details from this page. To access voice search history, click here. Finally, to access YouTube video search history, click here.

    Inactive accounts

    Gmail users need to login to the account at least once in nine months. If not, Google will terminate the account adhering to their program policies. However, Google will send you alerts every few months reminding you to login to the accounts you haven't used since long. This can be accessed from here.


    If you are worried about your Google account getting hacked, you can access the activity report that will register every device used to login to the account. This report will also show the IP addresses as well as the approximate geographic location of the device. But you cannot remotely log out of any Google session. You can get this report from here.

    Device Manager

    In case you cannot locate your phone, you can head over to Google Device Manager from here to find the phone. The condition is that the device should be turned on and connected to the internet. From here, you can ring the device, get to know the location, find the IMEI number of the phone, and also erase the content remotely.


    If you happen to find your content on another website, you just raise a DMCA complaint with Google. On doing so, the website has to remove the content. Google has a wizard over here to help you file such complaints.

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