Here’s How You Can Improve the Wi-Fi Signal in Your Home

Improve the Wi-Fi signal with these tips.

    Well, the Internet speed and Wi-Fi technology have significantly improved over the past couple of years. Moreover, Wi-Fi has grown from a promising technology for tech-savvy enthusiasts to a must-have tech for connected devices of all kinds.

    Here’s How You Can Improve the Wi-Fi Signal in Your Home

    In addition, the trend in Wi-Fi dependence seems to be not slowing down. It is significantly increasing with greater consumer expectation for higher-speed and highly reliable Wi-Fi connections anywhere and at any time.

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    After setting up Wi-Fi in a home network, there are common issues such as slow connection, no internet connections and more. If these Wi-Fi problems have bogged you down, don't worry. Here's a quick guide to fixing the most common Wi-Fi problems that crop up at home, at the office or anywhere else.

    Router Placement

    The placement of routers makes a huge difference in signal speed and strength. As such, the router should be generally placed as close to the center of the room as possible if you desire optimal performance. Avoid keeping the router in a room with thick walls.

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    Going the Old Fashioned Way

    The fact is that, as many Wi-Fi enabled devices are added to the network, the router usually slows down the connection speed of each device to ensure that all the devices receive enough bandwidth to connect. If this is the case, then try connecting some devices the old fashioned way.

    Devices closest to the router could be connected via the Ethernet cable rather than Wi-Fi. It might be little messy, but the wireless speed will improve.

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    Tighten Security

    Well, if you have not added a security password, then you must. Free Wi-Fi means there will be many people who can be a parasite and steal your internet. More importantly, this will lead to a clog in your bandwidth as many users will be connected to the network.

    Another important aspect is that may also be a security risk as hackers could gain access to data on improperly secured devices.

    Link Two Routers

    Although you have placed the router at a proper location, residents who reside in bigger houses or older buildings may have trouble getting Wi-Fi to reach everywhere. So what do you do in such circumstances?

    The best possible solution might be linking two routers together in order to increase the range. While doing so, you may need to connect the second router via Ethernet cable to the original one, but to get Wi-Fi signals to your entire home this may be your best bet.

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    Alternatively, you can consider buying a router system that incorporates multiple access points from the start.

    Customization and Upgrade

    If you didn't know, the stock antennas in some routers can be replaced with better ones. However, there may be a variety of options for such antennas. You just need to make sure that they're compatible with your router.

    Do remember to buy better antennas from the companies themselves rather than from a third-party.

    You could also always upgrade to a better router. Like with any electronic devices, these devices wear out with time. So you could always go for a better router which will offer a lot more capabilities.

    Now that you have discovered some ways to improve your Wi-Fi signal, you can enjoy better connectivity. Thus, wireless internet networks have provided us the luxury of browsing the web cable-free.

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