How Facebook wants to change the way humans communicate

Facebook’s new project-the brain-computer interface technology is straight out of sci-fi Hollywood movies.

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Mark Zuckerberg could be the closest human to Tony Stark in real life. The CEO of Facebook created a digital butler for his home in San Francisco in over 100 hours, which he took as a personal project for the year 2016.

How Facebook wants to change the way humans communicate

And now when he's finished with the first version of his voice-controlled artificial assistant, he's ready to accomplish another task, which might forever change the way we humans interact with each other.

As per a report by Business Insider, a secretive new research division that Facebook created last year is working on a new technology- 'brain-computer interface', which might be the next big thing in the history of human communication.

The tech that sounds a lot like digital telepathy to transfer human thoughts might use non-invasive techniques to measure human's brain waves and artificial intelligence to decode the message.

How Facebook wants to change the way humans communicate

However, unlike the voice-activated artificial assistant, the futuristic communication platform is not a personal resolution for the year 2017 by Mark and seems to be more of an official Facebook project. This means that the new technology has more chances to be a product to make it to the real market.

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As per reports, several job postings has been listed by Facebook's Building 8 group, which the team behind the project. The listings describe a project involving 'neuroimaging' and 'electrophysiological data' to create a communications platform of the future.

How Facebook wants to change the way humans communicate

Facebook is looking for neural image engineers who can design methods based on non-invasive approaches such as optical, RF, ultrasound, etc. to enable communication between two users.

Besides, Facebook also seems to be looking for brain-computer interface engineer who can apply artificial intelligence to scan human brain for communication.

How Facebook wants to change the way humans communicate

We will not be shocked if Facebook also ropes in virtual reality and a VR headset to the platform to enable communication. It seems doable for tech giant like Facebook in near future to study brain's electrical signals carrying message and project them on a VR headset mounted on a user's head.

This might be the new form of communication where one can simply transform the thoughts into visuals. If Facebook somehow turned it into reality, it might start a new trend and will also fulfills company's dream of building technologies that fluidly blend physical and digital worlds together.

Whatever happens, the future seems to be quite interesting for the world and the Facebook. Stay tuned for updates on GIZBOT.

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