How Intel’s Compute Card Can Shape Up the IoT Market in The Year 2017

We saw the unveiling of some amazing smart products in this year’s CES, which will define the IoT market in the next 12 months.

By Rohit

IoT market is going to get a lot more exciting this year. The biggest technology event of the year, CES 2017 gave us a glimpse of the latest technology trends in the world of smart and connected products. However what stole the limelight and has the potential to redefine the IoT space is a small piece of technology from the house of Intel.


Intel’s Compute Card Can Change the whole IoT Market

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The new product/technology is designed to build out solutions for the ecosystem, and will be of immense use to companies around the globe who are trying to bring everything online to be of use to mankind. Let's find out more about it.

It’s called Compute Card and it will Play a Big Role in the Coming years

It’s called Compute Card and it will Play a Big Role in the Coming years

Technology giant Intel's latest development- the Compute card will play a major role in helping businesses quickly embrace the Internet of Things. The credit card-sized computer (5 mm) is referred as a modular compute platform' and is designed to enable more connected devices and boost the speed of an IoT deployment.

A per Intel, the Compute Card could be used to enable smart kiosks in an office or retail space, to add connectivity to personal appliances, or even to connect security cameras. The card has a chip inside, as well as memory, storage, a GPU and wireless connectivity. The Compute Card can run any operating system that you can load on a Windows and Linux based PC. Besides, it also offers flexible I/O options that can be customized for specific use cases.

How it can be utilized by manufacturers?

How it can be utilized by manufacturers?

To integrate Intel's latest technology marvel, device manufacturers will have to build a slot for the Compute Card into their devices. The Compute Card will connect to devices through a standard USB-C connection. IoT product makers can select the features as per their design and task requirement. A range of processors are made available for the card, including the 7th generation (Kaby Lake) Intel Core processors.

The Age of Modular IoT Devices?

The Age of Modular IoT Devices?

Intel Compute Card has the ability to make any IoT device modular. As the card packs in all the required processing, connectivity and storage pieces, IoT product makers can simply replace the old and outdated compute card with the latest one. This will help them upgrade the device's functionality without manufacturing a new model of the same product, something similar to Google's ambitious Project Ara that is now out of the sight.

To simply put, Intel's Compute Card has the ability to change the way the manufacturers approaches IoT. It will redefine the whole process of designing and upgrading the connected devices. Manufacturers can simply design a product and add important upgrades time to time as technology evolves.

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