How to remove duplicate files from a Windows PC

Download these softwares to free up some space on your Windows PC by removing unwanted duplicate files

    One of our worst nightmares is running out of storage space on our Windows PCs and laptops. Regardless of how many softwares we uninstall, movies, TV series and games we delete, we end up filling the storage drives sooner or later.

    One option is to analyze each and every folder to free up the memory but trust us you really don't want to get into that cumbersome process. So what are your options?

    How to remove duplicate files from a Windows PC

    A good duplicate file finder can get the job done. These softwares are coded to find those redundant files that share the same name, same size, and even look for the folders that might have the exact contents filling up precious space on your computer's storage drives.

    Besides, these smart softwares also allow you to examine those similar files individually to decide which one to keep and which one to be sent to the recycle bin.

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    That said, here are top 5 software tools that you can install to delete unwanted duplicate files on your Windows PC.


    First in our list is deepGuru. The free to download software offers tons of features and modes to get rid of those unwanted files. The software follows a quick fuzzy matching algorithm to find files with identical file names.

    It automatically deletes empty folders and can be customized to adjust the rules and intensity of finding files with matching names.

    For example, you can set it to look for similar music files where it will look for music files with metadata like tags, bitrates, duration, or the content of the audio. deepGuru also has a picture mode that can scan folders to find image files that are similar, but not exactly the same.

    The software has an easy to use interface and supports multiple languages including English, French, German, Chinese, etc. You can simply select the folder you want to scan and the software will give you a list of duplicate files that you can send to recycle bin.

    Follow the link to install the free software. Please note that the official site mentions that the Windows OS is not supported but scroll down to bottom to find the old links that works fine on Windows PCs.

    Search My Files

    Next in our list is Search My Files by NirSoft. The free to use software features a clean and simple layout and has plenty of filters to apply to delete the unwanted duplicate files. You can apply a filter to find files made within specific time frames, with specific file extensions, files that have certain file size range, etc. The software can even scan your USB drive to look for temporary files.

    Duplicate File Finder

    Another decent option to get rid of unwanted duplicate files on Windows PC is Duplicate File Finder. While it doesn't offer a wide range of features, it effectively searches your computer for copies of files and deletes them for you with your approval.

    Just select the folder and the software will find files that have the same size. As it only compares identically sized files, the process is quite fast.



    If you have too many pictures on your storage drives that need to be analyzed before you send them to recycle bin, look no further than the Visipics. The free to use software finds and deletes all your duplicates.

    You just need to select the root folder or the folders you want to get scanned. As VispIcs site notes, the software applies five image comparison filters in order to measure how close pairs of images on the hard drive are.

    You can find all detected duplicate files side by side with relevant information such as file name, type and size being displayed. The software also has an auto-select mode that let you choose the higher resolution picture.

    As the software only looks for image files, it is quite fast and also has a simple to use interface.



    CCleaner is one of the most widely used software program to clean the junk files in your C drive. However the software also allows you to remove unwanted duplicate files on your computer. To find the duplicate files select the ‘Duplicate Finder' under the ‘Tools' sidebar and hit scan button.

    While CCleaner does not offer as many features as other softwares offer, it's quite handy and you must already have the software installed on your PC.


    So now you have a list of softwares that are free to use and effectively removes those unwanted duplicate files. Try these out let us know if you face any difficulty in getting rid of unwanted duplicate files.


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