Bet You Don’t Know How Satellites Make Our Lives Easy


Satellites are often reduced to space technology used for tracking other planets, comets, or searching for life outside Earth. But these aren't their only applications and uses; we extensively use satellites in our daily lives without even realizing it. The technology has advanced exponentially and plays a major role in military and non-military applications.


Satellite uses

There are around 3,000 satellites in the Earth's orbit as of now and the number is increasing with each passing year, thanks to new compact designs and cheaper materials. From navigation to forecasting, satellites are serving mankind in several ways and making our lives easier and better. Let's dive into the details.

Navigation Systems Using GPS

Navigation Systems Using GPS

Online maps have undeniably become the easiest way to find out routes to reach your destination. These maps use the Global Positioning System (GPS) chips on your smartphones or navigation systems fitted in cars. GPS is a three-part system comprising satellites, ground stations, and receivers.

The ground stations control the satellite and determine its location. A receiver found on navigation systems or smartphones continuously takes signals from these satellites. For obtaining a user's precise location, the receiver should get information from four satellites. There are close to 25 GPS satellites in the Earth's orbit.


Online payments and ATM cash withdrawals are something that a majority of us do daily. However, none of it would've been possible without satellites. From heavy stock market transactions to paying electricity bills online, everything depends on the location of the satellite and timing services for security.

Precise timing is necessary for financial transactions to take place seamlessly. If the timing is wrong, there are chances that the money might deduct from a person's account but not reach the other bank account. While this issue isn't a huge deal for small transactions, it could be an issue for stock trading where the prices fluctuate within seconds.

Phones And Broadband Service

Phones And Broadband Service

Satellite phones are popular among people who regularly communicate on international calls, particularly from remote locations. The phone connects with other telephone networks by using radio through orbiting satellites instead of terrestrial cell sites used for a majority of mobile phones.

Another advantage of using a satellite phone is that it's not restricted by the availability of cell towers and can be used anywhere on Earth. Similarly, many people in remote areas also make use of satellites for broadband Internet. Satellite internet is provided through communication satellites.

Weather Forecasting

Weather Forecasting

Another important application of satellites is analyzing the weather and forecasting. The process is done with the help of polar-orbiting and geosynchronous satellites that gather critical information for forecasters. Geosynchronous satellites are used to detect storm systems, wildfires volcanic ash plumes, etc. While the polar-orbiting satellites gather details on temperature, humidity, and other weather-related information.

Due to climate change, natural disasters are becoming more frequent. Thanks to satellites, it's possible to study these disasters' behavior and plan relief efforts accordingly. The data collected from satellites also help predict tropical storms and intimate communities about the impact.

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