List of popular technologies that Amazon brought into masses

Top 5 Technologies Launched by Amazon

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Seattle-based, Amazon is one of the most promising companies that revolutionized the way people shop online. Nowadays, we turn to Amazon for everything. Having said that, the company’s impressive financial performance can be attributed to its founder Jeff Bezos’s aggressive expansion and growth strategy.

List of popular technologies that Amazon brought into masses

There are many factors that have helped the company expand markedly over the years including -- lower price, growth sales in Kindle and much more. And as per the recent report, Amazon's growth potential can make the company be the first $1 trillion business within the next five years. While Amazon is not only on the e-commerce website, it has also introduced some technologies to the masses.

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Amazon Kindle

One of the prominent ebook readers nowadays was launched by none other than Amazon. For the uninitiated, Amazon Kindle is an e-reader designed and marketed by This device lets the users browse, buy, download, and read e-books, without having to buy regular books or newspapers.

Amazon Fire TV

In an attempt to counter Apple TV, Amazon has launched the so-called Fire TV. It is used to stream digital audio/video content to a high-definition television. Moreover, the device also allows users to play video games with the remote, through the mobile app, or with an optional game controller.

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Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon set its foot in the smartphone market with the help of Fire Phone. Avoiding Android, the company launched its smartphone with their own FireOS, which is on Kindle. It also has some unique features including Dynamic Perspective, which creates the appearance of depth and 3-D, and Mayday, a 24-hour customer service app

Amazon Echo

Amazon launched its voice-activated smart speaker device called Echo in the market. Powered by Alexa which is an artificial intelligent voice assistant, Echo acts as a smart hub for your home. The device launched by Amazon falls directly in competition with Google Home.

Amazon Prime video

Amazon launched its Prime video content to compete against the likes of NetFlix, and other video streaming websites. This will allow the users to stream Amazon's original content, International TV shows and much more.

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