Master 'OK Google' with these commands

Here is a list of 'OK Google' commands to help you make the best out of your smartphone.

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Once exclusive to Google Pixel, the Google Assistant is available on all the Android devices now. This AI voice command works through Google Now app which is available for Android and iOS. In fact, it comes pre-installed with smartphones these days.

Master 'OK Google' with these commands

So if you want to make the best out of your smartphone then we have compiled a list of 'OK Google' commands to help you in your day to day life.

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Show me my photos of

If you are using Google Photos, it will intelligently look for photos of people, places, objects and much more. In case, if you want photos of your birthday, it will go through all the photos and gives the result in a matter of few seconds.

Set Reminder

Google Assistant can set reminders/alarms for you when you need it the most. For example, you can say "Add a reminder", "Remind me to buy eggs at so and so place," etc to activate this function.

Check flight

Google Assistant can check Gmail for details of flight reservations, hotel bookings, and upcoming trips and when you ask for details, it shows you from the timings to dates you will be out of town.

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Some songs

OK Google, "Play [Favorite songs]." You can simply ask the Google Assistant to play your favorite songs with an option to control the playback and its volume with your voice.


OK Google, "Tell me a Joke." With this command, Google Assistant can crack some good jokes as well and you have the option to explore the Google Assistant's fun Easter eggs.


OK Google, "Tell Me the News." This command helps you to stay on top with the news updates happening on that day all around the world. There's an option to select your favorite outlets as well.


OK Google, "Translate." This command can help you in translating words and phrases in a multitude of languages. It is more of a fun learning experience.


OK, Google, "What Does [...] Mean." This command helps the users to find the definition of words including its pronunciation.

Share market

OK Google, "What's the Stock Price of [...]." Google helps you in analyzing the stock market too. You can check any stock, index, or commodity price with the help of the Google Assistant.

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Ok Google, "Let's Play a game." The Google Assistant has some rather entertaining games you can fill some spare time with bots coming up with lots of simple games.

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