We Haven’t Found Aliens Because They’ve Killed Themselves, Say NASA Scientists

We Haven’t Found Aliens Because They Killed Themselves: NASA Scientist

Extraterrestrial life has always been a topic of fascination for astronomers and space enthusiasts alike. While we are yet to find the faintest clue about alien life, there’s no reason to stop looking for it as well. Now, a new paper suggests why we haven’t been able to find any other intelligent lifeforms.


In simple words, the paper suggests that the aliens destroyed themselves before they could make contact with humans. The yet-to-be-peer-reviewed study is done by two scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL). One of them is a student while another scientist is a Polish political science professor.

Did Aliens Really Destroy Themselves?

The study varies for the popular “Great Filter” theory. It argues that other civilizations might have existed in the universe’s history and might have “filtered” themselves by destroying themselves.

The scientists point out that whatever event that is wiping out aliens from the cosmos would strike before these lifeforms could reach out to other worlds. If the argument applies to humans, we might soon witness a disaster.

"We postulate that an existential disaster may lay in wait as our society advances exponentially towards space exploration," the paper reads, "acting as the Great Filter: a phenomenon that wipes out civilizations before they can encounter each other, which may explain the cosmic silence."

Identifying Destructive Attributes Is Important

The study takes the world’s history of environmental deterioration, war, and disease as a model. If there were civilizations similar to ours, they would have a set of natural dysfunctions that might result in the “Great Filter” and make contact with interplanetary civilizations impossible.

While this take sounds discouraging for humankind’s search for extraterrestrial life, the scientists did put forward some bright sides. "The key to humanity successfully traversing such a universal filter is… identifying attributes in ourselves and neutralizing them in advance," the paper reads.

Preparing For First Alien Contact

While the study argues that humankind’s contact with aliens isn’t possible, the University of St. Andrews in Scotland has announced it is assembling a team of bright minds to prepare for the day when humanity makes first contact with the aliens.

Experts will be meeting at the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Post Detection-Hub and try to come up with methods that can be used to respond to extraterrestrial civilization — if they ever try to contact humans or vice versa.

This project will aim to fill a policy gap by setting procedures in case humans ever find other intelligent life forms.

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