Will Scanning Old Data Help Scientists Hunt Alien Life? It Might Be Worth A Shot

Will Scanning Old Data Help Scientists Hunt Alien Life?

Two researchers who have been closely working on finding extraterrestrial life with Breakthrough Listen Initiative finally have some interesting information about their mission. The scientists announced a new technique that will enable them to gather old data collected from radio telescopes.


The research is said to have the potential to pave the way for SETI scientists to scrutinize the universe better. The scientists hope that this method will increase our chances to spot "powerful transmitters" in distant galaxies.

Scientists Discover Over 140,000 New Objects

"I think for a while we’ve realized that when we make a SETI observation with a radio telescope, we are sensitive to not only the target star in the center of the field but also a patch of sky about the size of the Moon," Michael Garret, a researcher at the University of Manchester and co-author of the study, told Vice.

"Other objects in the field include foreground stars and background stars in our own Milky Way," he added. "Until recently, we didn't know how to make use of this fact because we didn’t know the distance to these stars."

With the help of ESA’s Gaia telescope, Garret and his colleague Andrew Siemion, principal investigator for the Breakthrough Listen program, managed to obtain precise measurements. Both scientists were then able to go through over 400 Breakthrough Initiative surveys of the Milky Way, revealing over 140,000 objects that were nowhere to be found in several telescope images.

We Might Be Closer To Finding Alien Life

Among these newly-found objects were galactic nuclei, interacting galaxies, radio galaxies, and a galaxy that created a gravitational lens with its gravity. "It turns out that wherever you point your telescope, the field of view is going to include some interesting cosmic object," Garrett told Vice.

Now, since the scientists know how to identify these objects, our chances of crossing paths with an alien civilization have bettered -- and it only makes us wonder how much this overlooking must have cost the earthlings

We Might Find Aliens In Next 25 Years


Recently, a Swiss government scientist has made some bold claims around the discovery of aliens -- and his reasoning makes a good case. As per a Space.com report, Dr. Sascha Quanz of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology said that humans might discover alien life within the next 25 years.

The scientist is banking on his two projects - one is the ground-based instrument being developed as a part of the Extremely Large Telescope, and an ESA mission to observe exoplanets’ atmospheres to hunt for alien life.

It has been several years since astronomers have been looking for a sign of extraterrestrial life, but haven’t found one yet. With the advancements in space technologies and exploring methods, we might be closer to finding our cosmic neighbors faster than expected.

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