Set of Amazon Alexa skills everyone must be knowing

5 Amazon Alexa skills everyone must be knowing

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Nowadays, technology is growing rapidly at a speed of light. Everything around us becoming "Smart", be it mobile, home and much more. In an attempt to counter Google's Home, Amazon has launched Echo with AI intelligent Voice Assistant Alexa.

Set of Amazon Alexa skills everyone must be knowing

Alexa can do a lot of things including playing music, sending email ID, weather updates, news update and much more. Apart from this usual activities, Alexa can also do some stuff out of the box. Today, we have jotted down the list of 5 that you can try with Alexa.

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Ambient Noise

Trouble falling asleep? Alexa can be your best stress reliever and play background noise to make you relax and fall asleep. You can also set the timer as well instead of playing it in an unending loop.

So all you need to say is Alexa, open nature sounds" or "Alexa, start city sounds"



If you are learning a new language or figuring out a sentence in English, Alexa can be your biggest help at this time. Alexa can translate words or short sentences from English into more than 30 other languages. You can even slow down the voice to hear it carefully.

Alexa, ask Translated what is water in German?"

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Good to go

Sometimes, you might miss things including pen, wallet or even draw keys while going to the office. However, now you can prevent it by asking if you're ready to go. It will remind you to take everything at a time when you leave.

Alexa, ask to Remember Your Keys if I am ready to go"


Positive affirmations

Alexa can also uplift your day by giving you a good thought of the day. This, in turn, can help you to stay positive, energized during the whole day.

Alexa, open Daily Affirmation"


Strange words

If you are in pursuit of learning some silly words that exist, Alexa can be your great teacher. You can just listen to Alexa for these words by asking her to tell the list.

"Alexa, open Silly Words"


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