These 8 browsers are secure and protect your data

Firefox is an open source browser


The two major concerns that loom large in the mind of a user accessing the internet is the threat of being targeted by individuals aiming to cause direct harm and the companies collecting data on you to market their products.

These 8 browsers are secure and protect your data


While being a victim of schemes that could cause direct harm is obviously a major concern, your right to privacy being invaded by individuals or corporations without your consent is also a matter which is not to be taken lightly. The best way to bypass all threats to your person is to start using a secure browser, a list of the best secure browsers out there presently are the follows:

Firefox recommends Firefox by Mozilla Foundation. With a few simple additions, the Firefox experience becomes much more secure. Few of these add-ons are HTTPS Everywhere, uBlock Origin, NoScript, Stop Fingerprinting and Windscribe. It also has features like tracking protection built in.


Waterfox is an open source fork from Firefox. Waterfox claims to erase all the information from your computer. This includes passwords, cookies, and history. It manages to block trackers automatically without the help of add-ons as well.

Pale Moon

Pale Moon

Efficiency and customization are the selling points of this lightweight open source desktop browser. The Pale Moon team also announced a free and open source XUL-based browser called Basilisk.

HTTPS Everywhere

Browser plug-in HTTPS Everywhere is an EFF/Tor project that enforces SSL security wherever that's possible in Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.


Built on an infrastructure of hidden relay servers, this browser bounces your connection through a number of distributed nodes, it also obscures the public IP address that you connect to the internet with.

Privacy is a bigger focus for Tor than security, it has no anti-malware technology whatsoever. Tor also has a list of things that you should and shouldn't do in order to use it securely.


This browser is based on Chromium, which is an open-source Web browser project founded by Google. Epic browser strips out every conceivable feature in order to maximize privacy. Cookies and trackers are eliminated after each session, all the searches are proxied through the firm's own servers. It also attempts to prioritize SSL connections wherever it is possible.


Brave is an open source browser is a respectable alternative to Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Fantastic speeds and advanced ad-tracking controls make it ideal for the privacy-conscious who are also after a lightweight browser.

The browser is available for Windows, Linux and OS X users, Brave also includes HTTPS Everywhere integration, blocks cookie capture, features a decent ad-blocker, and has an active developer community which is always improving the browser.

Yandex Browser

Yandex is basically a Chromium reskin. It has a pleasing, minimal UI, it doesn't stray too far from Google Chrome in terms of design and features. You can also import your Chrome features on to this browser.

Yandex is Russia's biggest tech company and it makes use of ‘Blink' engine, this runs checks through downloads and uses Kaspersky's antivirus to scan for any malicious content.

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