Tired of spam emails? Try these services to create temporary, disposable email addresses

Adieu spams!

    If there's one thing that annoys people like nothing else, it has to be the spam emails. In the current day scenario, every service that we sign up for asks for an email address. And providing the personal email address is nothing but giving those services a free ticket to spam your inbox with things that you'd never care about.

    Tired of spam? Try these services to create disposable email addresses

    But what if we say there's a simple way through which you can bid adieu to all those spam emails?

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    Yes, there's a way to avoid spam emails. How? Simple, use disposable email addresses. Here are a few websites that can be used to create temporary, disposable email addresses. Check them out below.

    10 Minute Mail

    10 Minute Mail is as simple and straightforward as the name sounds. Every time you visit the website; you will be given an email address that will be valid for the next 10 minutes. There will be a counter on the webpage to indicate the same. Once the timer turns zero, your inbox will be destroyed. You can buy some more time just by refreshing the page (can be repeated for any number of times). However, once you close the window, you won't be able to access the inbox anymore. One of the biggest advantages of using 10 Minute Mail is that no one except for you will be able to read the emails.


    Mailinator is another web-based, free disposable email service which allows you to create an account with a specific address on the spot and check the emails received to it later. To use this, all you have to do is enter any username@mailinator.com, for example, adam@mailinator.com when you are signing up for a service. You can check the emails received to it just by entering the email address (adam@mailinator.com in this case) here. Do remember that, unlike 10 Minute Mail, Mailinator is public meaning anyone can check your emails.

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    If a simple, aesthetically neat, easy-to-use disposable service is what you are looking for, Maildrop is the one where your search should end. Enter any username@maildrop.cc whenever you don't feel like sharing your personal email id. Do note that your inbox will be reset after 24 hours of inactivity. Also, the Maildrop inbox can only hold 10 messages at a time. Furthermore, it can't handle messages which exceed the 100kb limit. So, the next time you use it, make sure the message size is below 100kb.


    GuerrillaMail, as the name suggests, is a pretty powerful disposable email service. It allows you to send messages which are 150MB in size. Meaning you can send attachments as well. Also, once created, an email address will be permanently available. However, the messages received will be deleted after an hour from the time of reception. In addition, GuerrillaMail also allows you to select different domain names or change one domain to another in between depending on your preferences.

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