6 Universal Browser Tips You Are Not Using Now

    The browser you use will depend on your preferences and requirements. Whatever browser you are using, there are a few universal tips and tricks that you need to know to get a better user experience. These include ideal security settings and keyword shortcuts. The significant thing is you need to use these tips on a regular basis.

    6 Universal Browser Tips You Are Not Using Now

    Common Keyboard Shortcuts

    Keyboard shortcuts will definitely make your job efficient and easy. When it comes to browsers, you will find that there is a bunch of tricks that will make your life a lot easier. The number of keyboard shortcuts is huge, so here we come up with the common ones that are used by most people.

    • Esc to stop loading a webpage
    • Ctrl+Shift+Tab to go to the previous tab
    • Ctrl+Tab to go to the next tab
    • Ctrl+1, 2, 3...9 to go to the respective tab
    • Ctrl+T to open a new tab
    • Ctrl+L to go to the Address Bar
    • Ctrl+Shift+T to reopen the last closed tab
    • Shift+Space to scroll up by one page
    • Space to scroll down by one page
    • Ctrl+D to bookmark that specific page
    6 Universal Browser Tips You Are Not Using Now

    It could be overwhelming to learn and use the keyboard shortcuts, so don't start with many. After mastering these, you can use them regularly and move on to the next set of shortcuts.

    There are mouse shortcuts as well such as

    • Middle Click on a tab to close it
    • Ctrl+Scroll Up in order to zoom in
    • Ctrl+Scroll Down in order to zoom out
    • Middle Click or Ctrl+Left Click on a link to open it in a new tab
    6 Universal Browser Tips You Are Not Using Now

    Tab Actions to know

    It is important to manage tabs and it becomes tough to use a browser more. Soon, you will have many tabs open and you will not be able to see their titles. This way, you might end up closing the wrong tab or wondering which ones to close.

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    When you right-click on a specific tab, you will get to see a slew of options that can be of great help.

    Pin Tab will collapse the tab into its favicon and it will appear before the rest. These will reopen automatically when you start the browser. Various pinned tabs have various rules.

    Close Tabs to the Right will be useful when you Pin Tabs. Generally, you need to pin the tabs that are open and check frequently such as Facebook or Email inbox. If you want to get rid of the tabs, you can click on this option.

    Close Other Tabs will close all the tabs other than the one you have chosen.

    6 Universal Browser Tips You Are Not Using Now

    Learn the Bookmarks Toolbar

    This is a hidden gem in all the browsers. While the browser tries to have a new tab that is productive, the Bookmarks Toolbar is the most productive one. When you visit some websites more than the rest, you can identify that as a favicon based on its logo. You can later edit or remove the name of the bookmark, but the link will remain the same.

    6 Universal Browser Tips You Are Not Using Now

    Prefer Bookmarklets over Extensions

    Extensions make the current browsers better than before with new features and functions. But, it does not mean that an extension has to be installed for everything that you use. It is better to use bookmarklets over extensions.

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    Bookmarklets take fewer resources making them pretty logical if find your browser slowing down a lot. The basic different between the two is simple. A bookmarklet is a static one in your browser and it will not work until you click it. But, an extension will always work irrespective you click it or not. So, extensions will draw much of your RAM and processor power.

    6 Universal Browser Tips You Are Not Using Now

    Enable Click-to-Play for the Plugins

    Once click-to-play is enabled for all the plugins from your browser settings, the browser will be more secure, load webpages faster, reduce the data consumption and use less battery. A plugin is usually the most resource-hogging and data-instensive part of the page.

    These plugins load automatically even when you don't want them. This function will stop the plugins from auto-loading and it will restrict them till you want to see the content.

    6 Universal Browser Tips You Are Not Using Now

    Read a Webpage Offline Later

    The digital bookmarking tools such as Pocket will let you save the articles in order to read them later. You can also download the articles for offline access on your smartphone or tablet. However, for this, your desktop needs an active internet connection.

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    But, with this trick, you can save the webpage for offline reading. Well, create a folder named Offline Pages on your hard drive. Now, in your browser, you need to go to that specific page and click on File → Save Page As. Then, save it as Web Page Complete file type. Then, rename it to identify it easily.

    When you open the folder, you can see an HTML file with the same name that you gave and you should double click on it to launch the web page in your browser even without an internet connection.

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