9 Simple Ways to Speed up Your Wireless Network

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If you have a wireless or wired home network, there are chances that you might be looking for some way to make it run as fast as possible. Well, there are many things that you can do such as minor software tweaks to the installation of new hardware to make your system run fast.

9 Simple Ways to Speed up Your Wireless Network

Place your router in the right spot

The router's position is the starting point of any wireless network. The wireless signal will be diminished with distance and penetration as it travels through the walls and doors. So, your router should be positioned in the center of the devices that are connected to it and it should be in the line of sight.

This is not always possible and you should work on reducing the obstructions affecting the performance of the wireless network. Position the router near the center of the home on a raised shelf. Try experimenting by placing the router in different positions and ensure that there are no blackspots in the house.

9 Simple Ways to Speed up Your Wireless Network

Should you consider the cable length?

If you use a wired network, the cable's length can impact the speed theoretically. But, when it comes to practice, this is unlikely to cause an issue in the home network.

9 Simple Ways to Speed up Your Wireless Network

Optimize the Router

After positioning the router, you should work on minimizing the signal interference. This can come from the electronic devices that are in your home such as microwave and cordless phone. So, it is a good idea to place the router away from other devices that might result in interference.

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The channel that your router is set to can invite interference. Each router chooses a channel to send and get data. If your neighbors also use routers with the same channel, these can interfere and degrade the signal that will hamper the speed.

Some routers can select a channel automatically and you can use such routers or user programs that can scan and display information about the networks in your area. So, sort out based on the channel the others are using and get good network speed.

9 Simple Ways to Speed up Your Wireless Network

Upgrade the network speed

You can upgrade the speed of your network by just buying a new wireless AC router or with the help of fast Ethernet cables. The wireless and wired connections can maximize the transfer speeds dramatically than your internet connection.

9 Simple Ways to Speed up Your Wireless Network

Don't forget updates

The simplest way to make sure that you are getting the maximum performance from the network is to ensure that the hardware is up to date. Check for firmware updates regularly and the driver updates for the network cards and other components. Also, keep an eye on the operating system updates of your computer or laptop.

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9 Simple Ways to Speed up Your Wireless Network

Disable Network Throttling

This is used in some Windows versions such as Windows Vista and Windows 7 as it gives priority to the multimedia applications. This can have adverse effects when it comes to transferring big files.

9 Simple Ways to Speed up Your Wireless Network

Network Hogs are an issue

The network hogs can be a major issue. It is an issue in which one device or application is making use of lots of bandwidth at the expense of the rest. You can have programs like NetBalancer that can analyze the network traffic on a Windows PC. Check for the programs using most bandwidth and restricting them if possible.

9 Simple Ways to Speed up Your Wireless Network

Shape the traffic

There many routers that come with the Quality of Service or QoS feature. This lets you shape the traffic passing through the network and prioritizing the applications.

Use this to allot more bandwidth to tasks such as streaming media, video calling, etc. Downloads or email can be given low priority traffic if you need.

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9 Simple Ways to Speed up Your Wireless Network

Combine both wired and wireless

Wireless networks are preferred by people as the same leaves no clutter and it is more flexible to add the devices to it. But, when it comes to performance, these are not the better than the wired connections. These days, wireless networks come with several ethernet ports, so connecting a few devices using cables is possible.

9 Simple Ways to Speed up Your Wireless Network

Powerline networking

If you can choose to add wires to the wireless network or find that you have Wi-Fi blackspots in your home, you can choose powerline networking. It uses the electrical wiring in your home as the wired data network and the ports will be attached to the power sockets.

The speed of the powerline adapter will depend on the model. Some will support up to 1 Gbps though the real world speed will be lower. Installing these powerline adapters is easy. Just select the adapter via ethernet cable and plug it to a power supply. Each device needs one adapter.

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