Microsoft Edge Has Slight Edge Over Google Chrome; What Makes It Better


Remember the time when people used the Microsoft web browser just to download Google Chrome? Well, times have changed and tables have turned ever since Microsoft Edge started using the same engine as Chrome. Not just that, the former has even managed to surpass Mozilla Firefox in terms of popularity.


Edge vs Chrome

Microsoft Edge is a cross-platform web browser that was first launched for Windows 10 and Xbox One back in 2015. It reached the Android and iOS platforms in 2017. In January 2020, the company announced the public release of the new Edge. While Chrome is still more popular than Edge, here are some features that make the latter better than Google's offering.

Keeping Browsing Safe And Secure

Keeping Browsing Safe And Secure

Security is always the biggest concern for many who browse the web on a regular basis. Nobody wants websites keeping a track of them or hackers gaining access to personal information or passwords. Well, Microsoft Edge makes a strong case in this department over Google Chrome. While Chrome lets users save and encrypt passwords, Edge has something better in store.

Microsoft Edge comes with built-in tracking prevention. If users select the "Strict" option, no website will be allowed to track them, and it leaves very little room for personalized ads. Moreover, known harmful trackers are already blocked.

Speaking of passwords, users can encrypt passwords with Google Account, while Edge does something more. It suggests users with strong passwords and also alerts them when passwords are found in an online leak.

Dedicated Web Apps Make Experience Better

Dedicated Web Apps Make Experience Better

Microsoft Edge comes with Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), and app developers including Instagram and Twitter have developed their dedicated Windows Apps. This makes the Edge experience even better. While Google Chrome also supports PWAs, not all apps work seamlessly. Chrome allows users to install a website as PWA by heading to More Tools > Create Shortcut > Open as Window.

Edge makes this process fairly simple; users just need to click the Settings Menu > Apps > Install as App. Besides, Windows also adds the PWA to the Start Menu and Taskbar, enabling quick access and also providing PWAs with access to notifications.

Great For Multitasking

Great For Multitasking

Many users browse the web with several tabs open, and it's possible to lose track of things. While Chrome allows users to group tabs under a name and color, Edge offers a unique vertical tabs feature that makes things easier.

The Vertical tabs feature enables users to move the list of tabs from the top of the browser to the side. It feels more organized and natural, and more tabs can fit on the screen with this feature. Moreover, users can also see the tab names easily, unlike the shrunken names on Google Chrome.

All that said, Microsoft Edge comes pre-installed on Windows and is pretty easy to get used to. It might not feel the same as what Google Chrome brings in, but it doesn't compromise on the performance part. Besides, Microsoft Edge is also available for smartphones, macOS, and even Linux.

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