10 Completely Phone Number Lookup with Name

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People often receive mysterious spam calls and wonder who is on the other end. Most of them are some scams who pretend to be some organization, gain your personal information, and then hack your social media accounts. Some of them send texts to people to irritate or threaten them. Many people have got affected due to scams and fake calls.


To secure yourself and your family from such scams is to use reverse number lookup services by which you can search any phone number within seconds. These services use their public records and extensive database to find information about the phone number's owner.

Phone Number Lookup: What is it?

A phone number lookup helps to find the identity of the phone number of your choice. Its database is used to find a person's information with just a number.

It provides information about a person's name and addresses through reverse phone directories available on the Web. Moreover, if that person has made his Facebook on the number, you can also reach it.

The Phone Lookup service searches the private databases, cell phone directories, and other public records to give the required information of any person. With the assistance of a phone lookup service, the user can get information including name, gender, current city, state, aliases, and relatives.


With a phone number lookup, you can easily find out if the other call is a scam or real. For instance, if you find any phone number without a name and wonder who they are, you can find their name and other information through a lookup service.

For your quick glance, here we show the top 4 phone number lookup sites:

TruthFinder - Activate Background Check Right Now!

CocoFinder - Find Your Target's Alternate Phone Number (100% Works!)

Instant checkmate - Find Missed Caller Identity with a Third-party App

Intelius - Reconnect to Old friends with Intellius's Search by Name

10 Totally Phone Number Lookup by Name

This part shows 10 major and totally phone number lookups that provide the name of caller ID through their number along with other information.

1. TruthFinder

Truthfinder is a background check service that contains public records and information about the target person. This lookup service provides updated information, which is not possible in other lookup services as they have outdated and inaccurate database records.

10 Completely Phone Number Lookup with Name

Truthfinder operates for both Android and iOS devices. It has a wide range of search parameters for its users. It gives unlimited and updated background checks through its database. Truthfinder provides social media information if the target has made its social media on that phone number.

While other lookup services have a difference between people searches and background check reports, Truthfinder performs all of the functions and compiles all known information. It includes phone numbers, email addresses, property owner of the target.

If the target has any criminal history or job history, Truthfinder will show it to the user. It also shows the educational background or social media handles associated with the phone numbers. If the target has any potential relatives or family members, Truthfinder will also display it to you.

If you have any old numbers and you want to check who owns the number, just add the number on Truthfinder, and it will find the name of the contact along with other important data.

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2. CocoFinder

CocoFinder lets you find people by searching them through their name. Its phone lookup has the ability to find the identity, location, and other details of the target person. It provides knowledge about any target through an alphabetical directory of people present in any locality with the White pages tool.

It has an address lookup service that tells you about a certain address and its past records with details. Furthermore, if the person has made social media accounts on its email or phone number that you have, CocoFinder provides the details of the linked accounts by requiring the target email ID or phone number.

10 Completely Phone Number Lookup with Name

The background check service will provide the arrest background, criminal records, employment history, and court records of the target person if they exist.
CocoFinder's search engine is linked to several public records; therefore, it provides updated and authentic information to the users.

If you have a doubt about a certain phone number to be a scam or if you want to recall the owner of a specific phone number, you can use CocoFinder. It provides huge details about the owner of the phone number within a short time. Moreover, by writing a particular address, you can also find out who lives there and their legal records with accuracy.

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3. Instant checkmate

Instant checkmate is a background check service that provides a specific person's public record information, which includes email addresses, phone numbers, social media handles, etc. if the person has legal records or criminal records, instant checkmate can also display it to you with accuracy.

10 Completely Phone Number Lookup with Name

This type of information can also be found by searching individual databases, but instant checkmate provides all of the mentioned records through one search. Instant checkmate has an easy-to-use interface that clearly explains the functions.

The app provides extensive public information and has multiple search methods, including search by name and search by email address.

Furthermore, the application is affordable, with a wide range of lookup services. By using instant checkmate, you can find lost friends or relatives through their phone numbers. Lookup service can save your time by informing you if the person is a scam or fake call, so you block that contact right away.

If the target person has any criminal record, the app shows it by requiring the name. It has vast database records that display each possible target.

Its background check provides the target's hidden or personal information. If the person has any criminal record or influential relatives or family members, instant checkmate shows it in a single search.

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4. Intelius

Intelius is a lookup service that provides instant details of the target. It shows the relatives and family members of the target name.

Public record reports can provide valuable data, including history, age, date of birth, marriages, and divorce data record of target altogether. The background check includes the individual's criminal record, spouse history, lawsuits that they have been involved in, bankruptcies against them.

Background check provides credible information that includes basic data such as full name, birthday, and home address.

10 Completely Phone Number Lookup with Name

Its reverse phone lookup shows the person or business associated with a number that called your phone. When the user performs reverse phone lookup, its comprehensive data engine produces a confidential report that contains the personal information of the owner. It includes the owner's name, address history, relatives, age, phone type, and carrier associated with that number.

Intelius provides information about the caller, whether the call is from a landline, business number, or a cell phone number.

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5. ZabaSearch

ZabaSearch provides a service to search for people absolutely. You can search for people just by entering their name. From its White Pages search, you can search by a name and reverse a phone lookup using a phone number.

It does not require any registration or credit card to use this search service. It gives an immediate view of a full name, age, address, and phone number where they are available. Moreover, it provides a full background report that contains marriage or divorce history or any criminal record, etc.

ZabaSearch's people search tool helps to find people with common names. In case your search subject has a common name, then go for the last city and state you remember them living in. it gives access to their names, ages, addresses, and phone numbers.

This app also provides a reverse phone number lookup, where you can enter an unknown number and get the detailed information found in the U.S public records.

6. Spokeo

Spokeo works to provide information through a number, name, address, or email ID. If you enter the address in reverse address lookup, the application provides current and past residents, property owner, and location history. If the target has any criminal records or marital records, the software also accesses it and displays it.

Its reverse email service provides confidential information of the target person, which includes the owner's details such as phone number, full name, age, and connected people. It also informs the user about secondary email, other phone numbers, and location. The app assists in finding the social media profiles and dating accounts of the target along with photos.

The reverse phone report provides the owner's details, such as his name, age, gender, and contact information, which includes email addresses, phone numbers, and social media profiles. It also gives the current and past addresses, estimated income, and property ownership.

7. Spydialer

Spydialer provides information about a person's phone number, email address, location. It provides information on current and past addresses, criminal records, connected people, and social apps. It has a phone lookup service that requires the phone number of the target and, in return, displays its information like name, age, address, etc.

If you enter the address, it will provide you the past and present residence details. The software informs about the owner and his basic information, including name, age and other property records. If anyone is worried to know who the person on the other end of the call is, Spydialer pulls off records of that person instantly and without any cost.

By entering their email address, the software gives information like their name, address, marital records, and social media profiles. It also provides age and influential relatives of the target.

It works on all cell phones, including cell, VOIP, and landline number.

8. CheckPeople

Checkpeople includes reverse phone lookup, and people search for services. The reverse phone lookup with name service provides contact information, addresses, related people, criminal history, sex offenders, and personal assets.

The software has a bankruptcy option that lets you know about a person's financial status so that you can know if a person is honest about his financial condition.

Checkpeople lets people know about the marital relationships and past affairs of the target. If you enter their name on the search bar, the application starts giving his personal information, including his full name, age, date of birth, connected people, and accounts.

The application can also reach the criminal records and finds out if the person has an arrest history or law offending records.

So if you want to know if the email or phone call is a scam, it just requires you to enter the phone number or name to find out the possible public records.

9. Nuwber

Nuwber is an everyday information company where one can find people, property, vehicles, and contact information.

Search for the unknown phone calls with Nuwber's reverse number lookup. It allows searching the billions of data points to uncover the caller's information, such as an address, age, location, and even their social media profiles.

Another super service from Nuwber is a username lookup. You can search the related accounts from 120+ social media accounts by entering the exact username on the social media site. Within moments, it will give a full report based on the searched username.

You can also search for the VIN so that you don't have to rely on the seller's word about a vehicle. It will provide any disclosed information and the car's potential problem. Furthermore, it also gives access to people search, reverse phone lookup, and other tools to make a better decision.

10. Addresses

Addresses provides information about the target through their name, address, phone number, and email address. Through their names, the application provides accurate phone numbers, full name, date of birth, and age with credibility. It gives the company or job information of the target along with his past history.

By its reverse phone lookup service, the application provides all the confidential details of the target by requiring his phone number. The information includes full name, location, and full identity with accuracy.

If you provide the email address of the person, Addresses identifies his social media profiles, phone numbers, full name, and other email addresses. So, if any scam email is reaching out to you, you can find out the sender's details by just typing the email address.

The address search provides up-to-date information on the property and people who live there. It also gives access to the available data about property value, sales price, and loans.


The article has provided detailed information about 10 reverse phone lookup services, including Truthfinder, Cocofinder, and instant checkmate. It shows multiple ways to access a person's details through his name, phone number, and email address.

If you want to recall your past friends through their numbers, you just need to enter their name or phone number to get other public records and confidential information. So, if anybody has difficulty in dealing with anyone online or they are worried due to fake or scam calls, they can find assistance through this article.

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