Amazon Web Services outage creates chaos among internet users

Amazon Web Services was down!

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On Tuesday, the internet users faced issues due to the Amazon Web Services outage. Many websites rely on this platform owned by Amazon to keep their web pages humming.

Amazon Web Services outage creates chaos among internet users

Amazon confirmed the high error rate in one of the regional data centers in northern Virginia last afternoon. The confirmation from the company was posted on the status page of Amazon Web Services. It stated that the outage was impacting services and applications dependent on S3, which is the company's well-known cloud storage platform.

Some of the services those were affected due to the outage of Amazon Web Services include Quora, Medium, and Slack. Also, some sites meant for checking whether the other sites are online were taken down by this outage. Most visible companies such as Netflix, Expedia, Airbnb, etc. are hosted on Amazon Web Services.

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Notably, Amazon hasn't detailed what exactly has caused the outage and high error rates. After a few hours, the issues were worked out and Amazon announced the same on the AWS page. The status page of AWS stated that Amazon S3 is working normally.

Back in 2015, an outage took down many of these services for hours together accidentally. In 2011, the Amazon Web Services faces a day-long outage knocking down popular websites including New York Times and Reddit, taking them offline. From the users' perspective, losing access to a service can be too disruptive, even if the service is down for just a few hours.

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